DW adds dynamic upgrades to Blackjack server line

DW adds dynamic upgrades to Blackjack server line
DW Complete Surveillance Solutions, industry provider in digital recorders, surveillance cameras and related management software, announces the latest updates to the Blackjack family of enterprise-class servers. The performance improvements include a choice of Windows 10 Pro or Linux Ubuntu 16.04 OS (depending upon model), a transition to 10TB drives as standard in new rackmount models and an increase to 16GB of RAM on select models. 
“The Blackjack P-Rack and E-Rack servers join the new Blackjack NAS series in using high-capacity hard drives allowing systems powered by DW Spectrum to store or archive more video than ever before.” said Patrick Kelly, Director of IP Sales, DW. “These enhancements address the storage requirements demanded by today’s high megapixel cameras and longer video retention needs.” 
The transition to Western Digital 10TB hard drives in Blackjack E-RACKS and P-RACKS will increase storage options for these rack mount models, now up to 360TB, maintaining DW’s position in the market as a leader in server / storage capacity and performance. In addition, all Windows-based servers, including the Blackjack Cube, Cube DL and Client Workstations will be upgraded to Windows 10 Pro OS. The new OS will allow for a smoother and faster operation, resulting in safer and more reliable servers that can deliver more features and usability. The Blackjack P-Rack 1U and Blackjack Cube models now come with 16GB of RAM. In addition, the P-RACKS models have received a fresh new look, with an upgraded faceplate. The new faceplate will allow for additional air flow and ventilation, further improving the hardware’s performance and durability. 
Below is a list of all hardware updates and applicable models. The new hardware options are available for order and continue to be designed and commissioned in the U.S.A 

1. Windows 10 IoT OS 

  • Blackjack P-Rack 1U models: DW-BJP1UxT 
  • Blackjack Cube model: DW-BJCUBExT 
  • Blackjack Client Workstation model: DW-BJCLIENT1 

2. Windows 10 Pro OS 

  • Blackjack E-Rack models: DW-BJER2UxT, DW-BJER3UxT, DW-BJER4UxT 
  • Blackjack P-Rack 2U models: DW-BJP2UxT, DW-BJPR2UxT 
  • Blackjack Cube DL model: DW-BJCUBExT-DL 
  • Blackjack Client model: DW-BJCLIENT2 

3. Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS OS 

  • Blackjack E-Rack models: DW-BJER2UxT-LX, DW-BJER3UxT-LX, DW-BJER4UxTLX 
  • Blackjack P-Rack models: DW-BJP1UxT-LX, DW-BJ2UxT-LX, DW-BJPR2UxT-LX 
  • Blackjack Cube model: DW-BJCUBExT-LX 

4. 10TB HDDs 

Blackjack E-Rack models: 
  1. 4U 36-bay models: 280-320TB, 270-310TB usable storage 
  2. 4U 24-bay models: 40-240TB, 30-230TB usable storage 
  3. 3U 16-bay models: 40-160TB, 30-150TB usable storage 
  4. 2U 12-bay models: 40-120BT, 30-110TB usable storage 
Blackjack P-Rack models:
  1. 2U with RAID models: 40-60TB, 30-50TB usable storage
  2. 2U models: 20-70TB storage
  3. 1U models: 10-30TB storage

5. 16GB RAM upgrade 

  • Blackjack P-Rack 1U models: DW-BJP1UxT (used to be 8GB)
  • Blackjack Cube model: DW-BJCUBExT (used to be 8GB)

6. New faceplate

  • Blackjack P-Rack 1U models: DW-BJP1UxT 
  • Blackjack P-Rack 2U models: DW-BJP2UxT, DW-BJPR2UxT

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