Innovations in flame and smoke detection

Innovations in flame and smoke detection
The fire detection technology on the market today relies much more on thermal imaging. Video analytics fire and smoke detection systems, which use analytics embedded in cameras to detect flame and smoke, present themselves as alternatives to traditional sensors and stand out for their advantage in early warning fire detection. The combination of different technologies to prevent further development of fires ensure the safety of our premises.

OPGAL Sii AT mid-range thermal security camera

OPGAL Sii AT is a 24/7 outdoor security thermal camera used for observing and monitoring sensitive sites. The camera provides crisp, clear thermal images in total darkness, light, fog or smoke. Sii AT features a wide range of thermal engine and lens options using uncooled thermal camera technology. The Sii AT has the option to add TCP/IP video and control and/or our embedded fire detection algorithm.


Key Features

  • Unique signal processing algorithms provideenhanced contrast for video analytics and our innovative fire detection algorithm
  • ONVIF Profile S compliant for IP configurations
  • High resolution, small pixel pitch
  • Wide variety of fixed, PTZ and optics configurations
  • Pelco D protocol, common industry mounting options, serial or IP communication
  • Designed and certified to IP66

Fike Video Analytics flame, smoke and intrusion detection system

Fike Video Analytics is a turnkey video flame and smoke detection solution. The camera-based detection system visually detects the presence of fire, smoke or oil mist at its source, independent of airflow in the area, in seconds. Fike Video Analytics represents a critical advantage for early warning fire detection when used in conjunction with the appropriate fire alarm control panels. FIKE Video Flame and Smoke Detection Camera combines the resolution and picture clarity of a standard network camera with built-in flame, smoke and motion detector capabilities. Each IP camera can be configured with multiple detection and/or exclusion zones within the field of view.

Key Features 

  • Detects the presence of flames, pluming smoke clouds and ambient smoke within the field of view of the camera 
  • Detects reflected fire light when flames are obstructed
  • Able to be used to monitor engine rooms and turbine areas allowing for notification in the event of smoke, fire or oil mist 
  • Customizable zones and alarm options 
  • UL listed and FM approved for primary detection

Automation Technology IRMonitor

Automation Technology IRMonitor is a flexible solution concept for early fire detection and temperature monitoring of industrial plants by means of thermography. Infrared cameras detect objects through thermal radiation and perceive certain characteristics regarding the condition of these objects, which conventional cameras cannot pick up. IRMonitor is thereby able to detect potentially hazardous situations based on critical temperature developments and to initiate security measures. An IRMonitor system can be set up with a large number of infrared cameras so that even large areas with many different angles can be fully monitored. Automated self-checking image evaluation ensures that dangerous situations can be detected around the clock. 

Key Features

  •  Wide-area monitoring with infrared cameras provides precise and comprehensive temperature detection in hazardous areas
  •  Controls and analyzes several infrared cameras with one system
  •  Scanning and comparison with preset thresholds in defined zones (evaluation areas)
  •  Visualization with temperature-time diagram
  •  Thermographic monitoring around the clock
  •  Early detection of critical temperature rises

GKB VeriFire NC6960VD ONVIF IP bullet type

GKB VeriFire can detect early-stage flame and smoke to prevent the full development of fire. A text message alert is automatically sent within 5 to 20 seconds of the detection of fire and smoke indicating the fire’s location. With its high resolution 1080p sensor, VeriFire is able to accurately detect flames and smoke with an average false alarm record far below the industry standard. Furthermore it is easy to integrate with ONVIF-compliant third party VMS software. VeriFire has an open API interface allowing customization by third-party specialist developers.

Key Features

  • 1080p CMOS megapixel sensor 
  • ONVIF 2.0 compliance
  • 4 video streams 
  • Waterproof (IP 66)

Ciqurix FCamX

Ciqurix FCamX combines innovative fire detection and surveillance in one IP-based system, allowing it to reliably recognize multiple semi-concealed fires in under 12 seconds. FCamX can detect flame both outdoors and indoors at up to 180 meters, in all environments, weather conditions and light levels, including complete darkness, making previously un-protectable areas safe and secure. It increases the effectiveness of fire response by significantly reducing the response time — putting the fire out before it has a chance to develop. Due to its accuracy, FCamX can be incorporated into existing automatic safety systems, by guiding water or foam cannons onto the flame. 

Key Features 

  • Using the IR signature to confirm the presence of a flame 
  • Can be streamed directly onto any computer, tablet or phone 
  • Detection distance — 6 mm lens: max 180 meters 
  • Digital noise reduction: 3D DNR

Bosch AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000

Bosch AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000 is a video-based fire detection camera which operates as a standalone unit and features intelligent video analytics which allows the analysis and evaluation of moving objects in parallel. AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000 detects flames and smoke at the source within seconds and works with superior intelligent algorithms that can analyze and process pictures. These algorithms are based on fire characteristics and can easily be adjusted to the customer’s needs. Users can access live views of the camera streams and adjust its extensive list of settings using a web browser. 

Key Features 

  • Detection of flame and smoke helps to identify hidden smoldering fires and burning liquids 
  • Fast detection at the source allows users to see fires where they start
  • No masking is necessary due to AVIOTEC’s capability to detect fires using the camera’s entire field of view in most cases
  • Intelligence in the camera detects disturbances using raw data with no transmission or compression
  • Live streaming enables monitoring of environments and speeds up rescue response 
  • Video storage as a basis for root-cause analysis with recorded videos

FLIR A310 f thermal imaging camera

FLIR A310 f fixed mount thermal imaging camera for condition monitoring and fire prevention can be installed almost anywhere to monitor the condition of critical equipment and other valuable assets. Designed to help safeguard plants and measure temperature differences, they allow users to see problems before they become costly failures — preventing downtime and enhancing worker safety. FLIR A310 f is ideal for various applications that require temperature measurement capabilities including: substation, transformer, waste bunker and coal pile monitoring. 

Key Features 

  • Contains an uncooled vanadium oxide (VOx) microbolometer detector 
  • Produces crisp 320 x 240 resolution thermal images and making small temperature differences clearly visible 
  • Can be controlled remotely over the web and TCP/IP protocol 
  • Built-in analysis and alarm functions 
  • Meets IP66 requirements, protecting the camera from dust and water

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