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Intersec Snapshot: EVVA

Intersec Snapshot: EVVA sat down with Ulises Lorente, Export Manager at EVVA, at the recently concluded Intersec 2018 in Dubai for an informative talk on EVVA company strategies and offerings. sat down with Ulises Lorente, Export Manager at EVVA, at the recently concluded Intersec 2018 in Dubai for an informative talk on EVVA company strategies and offerings. 

a&s: How did EVVA do in the Middle East security market in 2017?

Lorente: After the crisis, it took a while for the economy to speed up again, but now it looks like markets are more optimistic and companies invest again. You can go around and see a lot of construction projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and movement in other markets in the region as well, and that's why we believe that this is a very important region for us with big potential.

We had a good year last year and want to focus on the region to continue growth.

EVVA has been working with partners in Oman, the UAE and Kuwait. Our products could be implemented in a couple of prestigious projects in the region. However, we also want to further grow in the UAE and in other markets like Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. These are definitely markets that we want to increase our presence in.

The Intersec is the ideal platform to meet with our customers and promote the brand in the region. EVVA is planning to create an event this year in addition to this exhibition, where we can invite security consultants and present our products.

a&s: How active has EVVA been in the region over the past year?

Lorente: We have done several medium-range projects in the region including big shopping centers in Oman, villas and complexes in Kuwait, apartment buildings, villas and a hotel in Dubai. We have been installing mainly master key systems in the mechanical range. In the electronic range, we are still focusing on smaller projects and growing our customer base, promoting the brand and then hopefully jump into bigger projects in the future.

Ulises Lorente,
Export Manager, EVVA

a&s: What approach has EVVA taken for product development?

Lorente: We invest a lot in this domain. It is very important to develop not just security products, but also products that the markets require. We try to start from the beginning, gathering the information from the market and passing this through to the commercial product managers to immediately assess if the products we're developing are according to customer requirements.

On the other hand, we also bring in our own ideas. EVVA works together with technical institutions to develop product innovations. For our electronic access control system AirKey for example, we collaborated with the Technical Institute in Vienna.

a&s: How has EVVA addressed concerns over the security?

Lorente: If you have a system with one weak point then people will try to access that, so we need to make sure that we close the circle and we have security in all our elements — mechanical, electronical and digital.

For the mechanical range, we always recommend customers to have patented systems. EVVA has different options in the product portfolio with varying security levels. We have cylinders that are virtually impossible to compromise, like our magnetic system MCS. The magnetic technology of the key guarantees the highest level of key copying protection. Even a 3D printer could not copy and read the magnetization of the magnet.

In the electronic range, we have the AirKey system with comprehensive across-the-board high security. The hardware components feature drilling protection and a special centrifugal brake against power tools on the electronic counter.

In addition, we secure data communication using AES encryption. We also have a secure element on the cylinder — all the data is stored securely in our data centers with firewall protection and redundant data centers.

a&s: What did EVVA highlight at Intersec this year?

Lorente: We were highlighting AirKey and its new features, including the possibility of using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to operate the locks. This allows us to address a wider customer base, as end users can now choose both Android and iOS.

Furthermore, the AirKey 2.2 update introduced the new “send a key” feature: The smartphone can now directly receive access authorisations for the locking components via text messages (SMS) that are sent from the AirKey online administration.

The Geotagging function allows users to use their smartphones to locate components. Customers can open this application via Google maps, start the GPS and then drive there, increasing flexibility and usability.

EVVA also offers the possibility of having a multi-administrator system, enabling more people to manage the system at the same time. In the mechanical range, we are presenting for the first time our latest innovation, the premium 4KS system which we have a patent for until 2035. The overlapping curve millings guarantee optimal security.

Furthermore, we are showing our ICS System which offers a distinctive track system with internal recesses and a patent protection until 2029. It also features a temporary access function (TAF), which uses a mechanical cylinder that allows users to change the combination of the cylinder for a limited period of time until they decide to change it back to create temporary access or a third key for somebody.

a&s: What is EVVA focusing on moving forward?

Lorente: On a product level, it is important for us to ensure that our partners are always perfectly trained for our products. When launching AirKey 2.2, we brought part of our existing customers to Vienna, did some training locally and via web conferences to ensure that they are aware of all the new features. In the end, they are the ones providing tech support in the market.

It's very important for us to focus on improving their expertise, technological know-how and technological support. We want to find new customers and at the same time we want to develop our existing core partners to further grow with us. As a family-owned business we put a lot of emphasis on developing strong relationships with our partners. After all, we want to give them the tools to be successful.

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