The town of Marchegg is relying on EVVA AirKey

The town of Marchegg is relying on EVVA AirKey
In terms of its population’s security, the town of Marchegg is relying on AirKey. AirKey not only controls access to Marchegg town hall, but also to the materials depot, school, no less than four nurseries and the fire service facilities. The system also protects the recently completed water service facility, where young fire service talent is trained in rescue operations and experienced personnel can enhance personal expertise as part of professional training courses.

Where storks meet the king

Marchegg is a town famous for its stork populations with around 3,000 inhabitants within the Gänserndorf district in Lower Austria. Once a year, at the end of March, around 100 storks descend on Marchegg to breed and bring up young storks. Thanks to this natural wonder and Marchegg Castle, the town is also a popular tourist destination – and now it has been made particularly secure.

Secure collaboration

The first collaboration between EVVA electronic system partners FAXE and Marchegg council took place in 2009, when the company was awarded the tender to secure fire service facilities with AirKey. “Initially the high number of lost keys over the years meant the project only involved one AirKey cylinder, intended to merely protect the main entrance to the fire service facilities. However, the concept of flexible access control using smartphones and an app or using key tags gained popularity very quickly”, Wolfgang Reichsthaler, managing director and project coordinator, explains. Thanks to the free online administration and straight-forward AirKey management, one cylinder quickly multiplied to five. “AirKey was accepted very quickly and it guarantees a permanent level of security.”

Convincing reliability

As part of the collaboration it was not only the reliable EVVA quality products that convinced decision-makers, but also the professional handling of the order as equal partners. For this reason, FAXE was commissioned to equip a total of nine additional buildings. The local town hall, the station, four nurseries, the primary school, the new Marchegg secondary school and, last but not least, the most historic of all buildings in the area: Marchegg castle.

High-tech locking systems for an entire town “Public buildings and facilities with restricted access to the public in Marchegg required potent and sophisticated security solutions”, explains the current mayor, Gernot Haupt. “In this process, it was crucial to also guarantee access by key tag, card or smartphone app. This functionality paired with the option to generate event logs as well as secure data management on EVVA servers” meant AirKey was the only alternative. It is also the flexibility and individual configuration options of the locking system that made decision-makers opt for AirKey. EVVA technology in the facility 25 AirKey cylinders 350 identification media

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