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Detect beyond what is seen with radar detection

Detect beyond what is seen with radar detection
Through the use of radio waves, radar can detect objects without visual references, unlike surveillance cameras. A main feature of radar is its ability to track, which has only gotten better with recent advances in technology. Radar can be deployed in applications like airports, highways and industrial setting where a clear visual of the environment is needed. Nowadays, several companies combine radar with devices such as cameras, thermal imaging and GIS.

FLIR CommandSpace Argus

CommandSpace Argus is a fixed, rugged, preconfigured wide area surveillance system. Combining a best-inclass radar and thermal camera with command and control software, Argus is designed to detect and track multiple threats both near and far in the most demanding weather conditions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When compared to other perimeter security solutions, Argus has the lowest initial cost per kilometer of secured space as well as the lowest lifetime cost. Available in multiple range configurations, Argus also networks with other Argus solutions, as well as vehicles and command-and-control nodes, providing unparalleled wide area perimeter security.

Honeywell Radar Video Surveillance (RVS) System

The Honeywell RVS system is a wide area surveillance system that integrates ground or waterside radar, automatic identification system (AIS), global system (GPS), video and thermal data to provide the highest value wide area system available. RVS radar sensors detect intruders in user defined alarm zones. Alarms are generated to alert security personnel, and PTZ cameras are directed to the intruder. Video is recorded and distributed over a local area network, to provide both recorded history and real-time situational awareness to facility personnel.

Silent Sentinel Jaegar Radar

Jaegar Radar gives 360° coverage with radar man detection out to 5,000 meters. Multiple options of thermal and HD or SD video cameras provide video verification of any target detected and the cameras will track the target as it moves. The system can be located on one mast ensuring there are no blind spots. The SxV lightweight radar is a coherent wide area surveillance radar built upon proven X-Band SharpEye solid state transceiver technology. The CxEye control software is easy to operate and will display targets on a geo-referenced map display. CxEye will control multiple radars and cameras from one screen, meaning the system is modular and scalable. Integrated E/O sensors can be cued to radar targets.

HGH Spynel-M Thermal Radar

With dimensions of less than 12 x 20 cm and weight of only 1.8 kg, the Spynel-M is a cost-effective, rugged and compact solution for wide area surveillance, taking advantage of 15 years of expertise in major security projects. SPYNEL-M is a high-resolution panoramic thermal camera, acting as an infrared radar. Continuously capturing full 360-degree infrared images every second, it provides real-time security against conventional and asymmetrical threats including hardly detectable targets such as UAVs, RHIBs or crawling men.

Blighter Scout

Blighter Scout is one of a range of integrated multi-sensor surveillance platforms from Blighter Surveillance Systems. Blighter Scout is designed for mounting on vehicle or trailer masts enabling rapid deployment in just minutes. Featuring the Blighter Revolution 360 radar for high sensitivity and rapid surveillance in tough environments plus the Hawkeye low-light camera and optional thermal imaging camera, Blighter Scout is able to detect humans at distances of more than 7 km, track them and then cue the electrooptical (EO) system to follow the targets leading to recognition and identification as the targets approach.

Jenoptik TraffiStar SR590

The stationary TraffiStar SR590 monitors multiple vehicles in different lanes. The system reliably and accurately monitors speed and red light violations at intersections and roads with traffic lights. Thanks to a 3D tracking radar sensor, it can measure the movements of all vehicles long before they reach the stop line at the traffic lights. This means that traffic offences are captured even for vehicles traveling parallel to or closely behind one another. All offenses are documented by a high-resolution smart camera with encryption and data protection suitable as evidence in court.

360 Vision Technology Predator Radar

High-speed high-definition ruggedized RADAR controlled pan, tilt and zoom video surveillance camera. Predator Radar is designed for applications where wide area detection and tracking of moving objects is required. Predator Radar does not need visual clarity and therefore works in all weather conditions—rain, fog, snow, mist and coastal as well as extreme hot and cold climates. The camera is ideal for many different settings such as roadways, power stations, airports and datacenters to name a few.

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