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Dahua’s 2018 vision part 3: How Dahua’s new products evolve with AI

Dahua’s 2018 vision part 3: How Dahua’s new products evolve with AI
To realize the company’s vision to be a world leading smart IoT solution and service provider, Dahua Technology recently launched a clear blueprint for its product strategy — a “Cloud Ecosystem.”
To realize the company’s vision to be a world leading smart IoT solution and service provider, Dahua Technology recently launched a clear blueprint for its product strategy — a “Cloud Ecosystem.” With this, Dahua aims to work with strategic partners to deliver an end-to-end total solution to create more collaboration opportunities based on cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning and the Internet of Things (IoT) with security technologies.

AI-related products and solutions

To capitalize on emerging technologies in the era of AI, Dahua has placed its focus on seamlessly integrating cloud and edge computing to redefine “end-to-end computing.”

Dahua launched its “DeepSense” AI-powered product series, which is built upon the various advantages associated with edge computing, such as narrow bandwidth, low latency, high security, good reliability and low cost. Its “Sharp eye” all-in-one camera adopts MOVIDIUS solution, realizing full scale capture of details and supporting real-time comparison of eight face attributes and eight body characteristics in a database of up to one million records.

The “DeepSense” series NVR uses NVIDIA TX1 and INTEL FPGA solutions to realize fusion analysis, comparison, retrieval and storage, supporting 32-channel real-time video structuring and real-time comparison of 100,000 face database.

Dahua also launched its first AI-powered smart x-ray detection server, which automatically identifies control items such as knives, umbrellas, batteries and liquids, realizing a substantial increase in detection rate and reduction in operating costs.

Another important addition to Dahua’s comprehensive portfolio is the advanced converged architecture X80 product, which converges computer, switch, storage, AI computation and business logic into a single box.

AI integration

Dahua has applied the advanced CNN deep learning algorithm to extreme low-light video to boost data types and data volume.

Security-related data, for example people (faces, bodies) and vehicles (their license plate, make, model and color), have been made more comprehensive, allowing security businesses to create more applications. Thanks to data from traditional video as well as today’s advanced video, better accuracy in facial and vehicle recognition has been achieved while systems are more adapted to the environment, resulting in reduced equipment for capturing people and vehicles.

Cloud Computing

To optimize Dahua Video Cloud service, Dahua has also released the Magic Cube, which transforms its Video Cloud capabilities into a microservice capable of achieving unified app store publishing, management and interface. It enables its partners to develop a complete solution in a much shorter time frame.

Big data platform

To process big data obtained from millions of IP cameras in a project, Dahua provides two ready-to-use platforms.

Dahua’s transportation big data platform can predict the status of traffic 15 minutes into the future, achieving traffic status analysis and optimizing traffic signal management. The other is a multidimensional big data platform which merges video, RFID, facial, vehicle and other types of data. It is capable of creating complete individual profiles in real time according to factors such as space and time, social relationship, and other characteristics.

Sensing technology in IoT and security

Convergence is the key word when it comes to Dahua’s new product releases. The HDCVI-IoT series, based upon HDCVI 4.0 technology, integrates temperature, humidity sensors and traditional wireless alarm signal with video.

Dahua also expanded its portfolio with the Smart Thermal series, which integrates intelligent perception, identification, analysis, tracking, linkage and other functions to create new data value. Efficient warehouse management is enabled through Dahua’s smart warehouse robot and transport automated guided vehicles.


At the same time, Dahua has released several new solutions directed at creating video network applications for law enforcement authorities through providing more complete and optimized solutions and services for transportation, smart city, and smart fire prevention projects.

Dahua Intelligent Fire Solution, which is based upon networking technology, allows for fire equipment networking, real-time monitoring and unified management to improve risk detection capability and fire management effectiveness.

With video analytics detection technology at its core, the smart city parking management solution leverages on the advanced technologies from Cloud Platform and Video+ to solve city parking issues.


Dahua’s new product launches clearly demonstrates the company’s determination to penetrate into the AI and IoT fields. By offering innovative video-centric technologies and complete end-to-end solutions for IoT-related projects, Dahua is establishing a strong portfolio that can be leveraged for business expansion in both domestic and international markets.

For more information, please visit Dahua Technology here.
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