ULIS to showcase new thermal sensor formats in Secutech Taipei

ULIS to showcase new thermal sensor formats in Secutech Taipei
asmag spoke to ULIS, one of the companies taking part in Secutech Taipei, about its plans for the show and the market. ULIS, based near Grenoble in France and a subsidiary of Sofradir, specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality thermal image sensors for commercial and defense applications. It enables makers of consumer electronics and infrared equipment to produce low weight, low power consumption and cost-effective thermal cameras for everyday use.

ULIS is also the second largest producer of thermal image sensors (microbolometers). It offers a targeted range of microbolometers that are key components used by many top thermal imaging equipmentbrands sold across Europe, Asia and North America.

ULIS is active in the surveillance, thermography, defense and leisure markets. Hundreds of thousands of its products are used to detect threats and thereby protect property, industrial sites, national borders and commuter systems as well as military personnel in combat zones. Many other professionals are increasingly choosing thermal imaging devices equipped with ULIS’ products due to the excellent performance of ULIS’ technology and its affordability for mainstream commercial applications.

Size, weight, low power consumption and cost reductions drive ULIS' innovations, enabling the company to address new trends in smart buildings, road safety and in-cabin comfort of vehicles.

asmag: How involved are you in the Asian market currently? Which markets? Can you tell of any key projects you have been involved in?

ULIS: Over the last 15 years, ULIS worked to be present in various Asian countries including China and Republic of China, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Vietnam down to Australia. ULIS is involved in applications related to security and surveillance, thermography, sports and outdoor, home automation/people counting, automotive, medical, firefighting and consumer markets.

asmag: What are the most important vertical markets that you are targeting in the region and why?

ULIS: Thermography is the most important market in this area. Surveillance and home automation with radiometric measurement ability are two of the major targeted markets. Automotive, leisure and consumer markets follow closely. Medical applications will come later on. ULIS has received a large number of requests to provide thermal sensors that bring back added value to surveillance cameras mainly dominated today by price and major players in Asia.

In addition, µbolometers are dedicated to making radiometric imagery and can help discriminate objects under adverse conditions, i.e., darkness, fog, etc. These make thermal image sensors suitable candidates for major consumer maket applications, including presence detection, posture, occupancy sensing, and preventing break-ins. Thermal sensors will soon be small enough to be installed in day-to-day equipment like TV sets, goggles, mobile devices, etc. All these markets have begun in Asia.

Examples of key applications:

asmag: What do you feel are the latest market trends that are impacting, or will impact, your business in Asia?

ULIS: Thermal imagery for surveillance/home automation and consumer devices are becoming popular applications with strong roots in Asia. ULIS’ task is to help local manufacturers and systems integrators own this technology.

asmag: What were the reasons that prompted you to join Secutech Taipei? Are you planning to launch any new products or services at the show? 

ULIS: Since early 2017, ULIS has actively engaged in the market development in Taiwan, giving “thermal imagery chipset technology” access to Taiwanese customers who responded very positively to this very new opportunity. With several identified customers in the field of surveillance and home automation, ULIS identified Secutech as the show to attend to meet up with all of them. Through Secutech, ULIS will share a lot of information on its existing and new upcoming products based on proprietary µbolometer technology. This will cover sensor formats from 80x80 to VGA (640x480) through XGA (1280x768). On this occasion, we will also explain and present the kind of support customers will receive when working with ULIS, in parallel to all our products.

Secutech Taipei, taking place at the Nangang exhibition center in Taipei 25-27 April 2018 will be the year’s main venue to present mobility and intelligent transportation solutions to Asian markets. For more details about the show contact Israel.gogol@newera.messefrankfurt.com or click here.
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