Pan Borneo Highway Sabah monitors workforce better with FingerTec R3

Pan Borneo Highway Sabah monitors workforce better with FingerTec R3
Pan Borneo Highway Sabah is a multi-billion ringgit Federal Government’s project to upgrade road connectivity thus bringing this East Malaysia state to a higher level in terms of socio-economic development. The project will not only offer faster, safer and more comfortable road connectivity to the people, but also provide more efficient infrastructure and logistic network for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) throughout Sabah.

The company, Borneo Highway PDP Sdn Bhd (BHP) wanted a system that could trace the attendance of their staffs and at the same time increase the security within their working areas as their previous installation: standalone door access could not provide the features they require. As such, BHP upgrades to FingerTec R3 with R2c and Ingress software, which was acquired from AMTC Sdn Bhd, our reseller in Sabah since 2005.

R3 is the latest biometrics door access and time attendance product from FingerTec, which combines modern technologies, great design and amazing functions in one. Multiple methods of verification which includes fingerprint, card and password are available in R3, thus providing both convenience and security to the company. The fingerprint template capacity of an R3 is more than enough for a company like BHP as one R3 can contain up to 3000 fingerprint thus allowing it to handle 1500 staff capacity in a single go. That being said, the company is pleased with the features and results that were provided by FingerTec that it even plans to integrate it with UBS payroll soon.

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