Fingertec helps Sudan Immigration regulates time attendance

Fingertec helps Sudan Immigration regulates time attendance
Sudan Department of Immigration had installed a total of 39 units of FingerTec R2 to cover approximately 4500 workers at the public service complexes under Ministry of Interior Affairs at the capital, Khartoum. All the workers are stationed around the complexes serving citizens with multi-services related to issuing of passport, ID card, vehicle registration, and more.

The objective of the R2 installation is to regulate time attendance of all personnel of the Ministry; to uplift the performance of its workforce in serving the public.

Previously, the Ministry was using the manual time attendance system that resulted in various discrepancies, and it was time consuming to key in data manually and when it comes to crunch time, mistakes were rampant and this situation did not provide any advantages to the Ministry. Hence, they worked with U.L.T.R.A for Multi Activities, FingerTec established reseller in the country to ensure that the deployment of biometrics fingerprint system in the whole ministry is carried out seamlessly.

FingerTec R2 comes with a dual function, one as a time attendance system and another as a door access control. The choice of R2 provided the Ministry value for money as one product can cater to two important functions and all FingerTec products come with a complementary software, another value-added advantage of the deployment. According to U.L.T.R.A, the Ministry has witnessed a noticeable improvement in the attendance of the workforce since the installation of FingerTec system and they are pleased with the development.

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