Basic Court in Serbia installs FingerTec for security and time attendance

Basic Court in Serbia installs FingerTec for security and time attendance
Bujanovac is a small town located in the south of Serbia, in Presevo Valley. The town’s Basic Court was looking for a time attendance system that can regulate better discipline amongst it employees of more than 60 people and at the same tightens the security level of the court. They wanted a system that can monitor entries into and out from the court building at all times, and making the court a restricted area.

Upon consultation with MHT Group D.O.O, FingerTec esteemed reseller in Serbia, the Court settled on FingerTec bestselling card system, Kadex. Kadex is an access control and time attendance card reader that supports card, password and a combination of both. It can store up to 30,000 users and comes with Ingress software to manage door activities and monitor staff attendance records simultaneously. Kadex can be programmed up to 50 times zones which perfect for companies having shift work hours.

Now the Court has detailed information of all the staff’s access activities through Ingress and they are pleased with the implementation of Kadex system in their establishment. The Basic Court of Bujanovac proceeds on cases like civil, criminal contentious and enforcement.

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