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Monitor everything with the power of IoT

Monitor everything with the power of IoT
The Internet of Things (IoT) has become a much trending topic. The concept of controlling virtually anything that is connected to the internet seemed like something too good to be true.
The Internet of Things (IoT) has become a much trending topic. The concept of controlling virtually anything that is connected to the internet seemed like something too good to be true. With the advancement of technology, this idea is starting to become reality.

Many of the companies present at Computex this year brought its own concept of utilizing IoT to provide business value for enterprises. Here we collected seven innovative business solutions, ranging from surveillance to other applications, like logistics, industrial and retail. The use of IoT is almost endless and the future seems to be embracing more of this concept to create opportunities for startups to grow.

Amaryllo Intelligent Camera Robot

Amaryllo is the worldwide pioneer in intelligent robotic cameras. Standalone auto-tracking cameras and 360° smart tracking are Amaryllo’s patented technologies. Amaryllo robots can detect and recognize human faces in one second and identify over 100 people simultaneously. ATOM series robots can talk, auto-track intruders and will send you alerts on your smart device when their sensors are triggered.

  • Standalone auto-tracking smart network tracking are Amaryllo’s patented technology
  • Facial recognition technology can identify 10 people simultaneously
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Automatically adjust video format base on bandwidth
  • Video timeline

LILEE Systems Connected Industry

For safety, more efficient operations and improved communications, highlyreliable connected industry solutions are a competitive necessity. Industrial facilities of all types benefit from high-performance connectivity that ensure smooth operations and enhances safety. LILEE's connected industry solution enables the fourth industrial revolution through integrated sensors, fog computing, machine-to-machine data exchange, and reliable wired and wireless communications.

  • In a manufacturing facility, up-to-the-minute data on inventory levels ensures the facility is never out of stock of critical components nor burdened with excess quantities
  • In an oil and gas pipeline operation, analytics powered by big data gives operators the information they need to ensure the safest conditions possible
  • In a distribution center, always-on connectivity ensures the latest game console consumers are craving is both in stock and shipped to eager teens on time

Skywatch IoT Platform

Skywatch is an elegant solution for smart places. It is designed to seamlessly integrate network cameras, environmental sensors, switches with cloud recording and smart notification services. Users can connect and control all the places from one single app and get artificial intelligence (AI) reports from our cloud analytic engine.

  • A Skywatch-enabled camera finds the fastest available server
  • Video summary engine uses Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) algorithms running on GPUs for object and gender classification
  • 24/7 cloud recording transport video streams safely through industrystandard 256-bit HTTP SSL encryption protocol to its cloud servers
  • Cloud-based automation rules are mirrored on the gateways, so they run efficiently without internet connectivity
  • Environmental sensors include intrusion alerts, ambiance monitoring and automatic rules

HERE-APP and iBeacon

The app uses information collected from big data to analyze the next best step. It instantaneously calculates statistics of the location and elapsed time of people indoors. The collected data can also show the density of distribution and changing trends about people indoors. It monitors indoor locations and movement records. It has a high accuracy of 3D locating, including the height at same floor and the judgement at different floor.

  • Use the app to deploy beacons and easily manage it
  • Convenient content management system provides data analysis and the management of geographic information
  • Beacon can produce a signal area which can detect whether a device enters or not and can notify the user automatically
  • User can transfer data by smart device through any object equipped with a small wireless sensor and can be used with BLE
  • Provide developer software including indoor-locating engine immediately to get the user’s correct position through calculating data from the app

Aengin Technology

Aengin aimed at marketing the newly launched indoor positioning solution. A variety of services have been designed and devised to cater to people’s daily needs, which has kept us competitive and distinguished from other similar solutions. Using sensor technology, users will be able to track movement of individuals to monitor their positions. This functionality could help in retail settings to determine the best place to place products based on customer’s movement. It can also benefit schools to help keep track of student’s arrival and departure of the classroom.

• Trail-based precise indoor positioning for nursing care
• Positioning precision up to within 1 meter
• Lucrativeness-critical indoor navigation • Customers’ journey mapping
• Roll call in a snap
• Notification upon arrival and leaving

Pyrumas Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Pyrumas SCADA systems range from simple to large configurations. Pyrumas SCADA applications use Pyrumas human machine interface (HMI) software that permits users to interact with machines to control the devices. HMI is connected to the feeder, relay, substation and many more devices.

SCADA software receives the information from programmable logic controllers (PLCs) or remote terminal units (RTUs), which in turn receive their information from the sensors or inputted values which we have given manually. SCADA in a power system is used to collect, analyze and monitor the data effectively, which will reduce the waste potentially and improve the efficiency of the entire system by saving money and time.

• Improving power system efficiency by maintaining an acceptable range of power factor
• Limiting peak power demand
• Continuous monitoring and controlling of various electrical parameters in both normal and abnormal conditions
• Trending and alarming to enable operators by addressing the problem spot
• Historical data and viewing from remote locations
• Quick response to customer service interruptions

Gyro’s Sigfox-GPS Tracker

Gyro’s Sigfox-GPS Tracker is a rechargeable standalone GPS tracker, with no SIM card installed. This tracker is designed to maximize geo-localization and track assets on the move under Sigfox network coverage. Sigfox-GPS tracker works with Gryo Location app and is specifically designed with tracking and security applications. With the Sigfox ID, the tracking information can be shared with families and friends. Each person can customize their own safe area, so called geo-fence. The device can be used in a variety of settings including vehicle tracking, fleet management and logistics.

  • Motion detection alert and GPS location under Sigfox network
  • Use app to draw safe zone boundaries and alert when tracking objects were out of safe zone
  • Alerts for missing personnel or unexpected motion for important assets
  • Gyro’s GPS technologies allows to get location in 2 seconds at open sky when smartphone with internet connected
  • Each tracker has unique Sigfox ID to activate

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