Keyless access control for St Patrick's College

Keyless access control for St Patrick's College
St Patrick's College Strathfield, an Australian independent Roman Catholic day school for young men in Years 5-12 located in Strathfield in the inner west of Sydney, has installed a Salto XS4 access control system to provide advanced security management. The College awarded the contract to local certified Salto dealer Allcare Locksmiths & Security.
"When the College decided to upgrade from its previous mechanical keyed system to electronic access control, we recommended Salto XS4 and Salto GEO products as the perfect replacement” said Ross Ewing, Security Technician at Allcare Locksmiths & Security
A certified business dealer of Salto Systems, Allcare Locksmiths provides the very latest in electronic locking technology. From wire-free systems to wireless real-time solutions, Ewing says Allcare recommends Salto because doors in any type of facility can be secured without complex and expensive wiring. 
“We designed a highly secure and flexible access control system for use at the College consisting of Salto online and offline XS4 escutcheons, convertible escutcheons, GEO cylinders, CU4200EU and CU50ENSVN control units. These were subsequently installed into over 200 door locations, with more to come, made up of offices and classroom doors in a variety of buildings” Ewing continues.
"With the ability to customize both door hardware and system software to exactly match the client’s needs, the XS4 and GEO solutions provide convenience, flexibility and security to St Patrick's College” comments Robert Pai, Business Development Manager, Salto Systems Australia.
“All the stand alone electronic locks are battery operated, with the lack of hard wired cables being a particularly important consideration for the client when they chose to go with Salto” Pai continues. “The wireless functionality of the XS4 and GEO solutions is particularly useful, enabling them to add or delete access privileges simply and quickly and the system can easily grow to meet any future security requirements of the College as and when they require.”
Adam Abbate, IT Manager at St Patrick's College, says “I’d implemented Salto at a previous school and liked the versatility of the Salto Virtual Network (SVN) and its hassle free operation when compared with mechanical keys. Having chosen to replace our mechanical keys and upgrade to electronic access, it now gives us much more control and flexibility over our building security enabling us to provide a secure environment for all our staff, students and visitors alike.”

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