Paraguayan municipalities issue driver's license with Evolis

Paraguayan municipalities issue driver's license with Evolis
The Republic of Paraguay has a population of 6.7 million people, 60% of whom are in age of driving a vehicle. More than 250 municipalities throughout the country issue driver’s licenses in a decentralized way, but since a new law came into force in 2014 on the harmonization and new security features of these licenses, municipalities must purchase plastic card printers with a lamination module capable of applying highly durable holographic films.

In 2016, Evolis launched its Primacy Lamination system – a lamination module compatible with its Primacy plastic card printer which meets all the technical and design specifications required by the Paraguayan National Traffic and Road Safety Agency. For this reason, Segel Logística S.A, the Evolis reseller in Paraguay, was quickly authorized to offer this new system, and has been implementing the solution in the centers since the second quarter of 2016.

Before 2014, drivers’ licenses in Paraguay were printed on paper using inkjet printers and laminated by hand with an outdated device. The ability to print driver’s licenses directly at the municipalities has several advantages for both the municipality and the National Traffic and Road Safety Agency, since the communities can generate income by issuing official documents themselves and the national agency is exempt from such expensive management. Over the next two years, 1.5 million licenses are expected to be issued in the new format, while licenses issued in the previous format will remain valid until their expiration date.

Segel faced numerous challenges: while some municipalities already had Evolis printers, others had printers of other brands and still others did not have any type of card printer at all. According to Hector Tajes, Project Manager at Segel Logística, "the challenge we are facing today is to convince municipalities that the lamination module from Evolis is the one that best suits their needs regarding efficiency, flexibility, and full compliance with the new law. Thanks to its ease of use and compatibility with the Evolis Primacy printer, flexibility is a key selling point. So far, in just a few months we have sold 58 lamination modules, which is equivalent to almost a quarter of the total potential market."

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