Smarter parking loT management with Afidus

Smarter parking loT management with Afidus
To keep up with the times, we have developed a better way to manage parking garages. Below is a successful case study shared by one of Afidus’ partners. It clearly illustrates how an e-parking lot can be designed to lower the cost of construction and increase efficiency for both operators and drivers.

To complete a smart parking garage installation, our systems integrator (SI) partner integrated multiple, comprehensive systems in the parking lot of the Science Park in southern Taiwan, combining functions such as billing, LPR and parking guidance.

You may find similar constructions and integrations in other cases. However, the choice of Afidus in this one made the biggest difference. Our cameras feature built-in intelligent video analytic (IVA) technology. Thus, installing them would be similar to having many bright eyes looking at every corner of the parking lot. These cameras can retrieve the information and analyze every second of it for users, acting as their lighthouse, gatekeeper and bodyguard.
Traditionally, when planning a guidance system, the systems integrators usually install detection sensors on each parking space to manage occupancy status. Instead of using sensors, our partner chose Afidus’ 3-megapixel mini dome cameras, DU-330F6-IR, which are equipped with compact Sony sensors for good night performance. The cameras also feature wide angle lenses that offer the advantage of monitoring four parking spaces with just one camera. Meanwhile, the cameras are still perform well in their original role of acting like security guards. In this way, the system became stronger but cheaper – the budget for the sensors are economized, and much more cost was saved through reducing the total quantity of cameras required.

On the other hand, the LPR and billing system saved more time for the drivers. Upon entering the parking lot, tickets are not necessary as the cameras at the entrance will take a snapshot of the car plate number and submit the data to the billing system. This lessens concerns over losing the ticket or time consumed when the person has to hurry back to the car for a forgotten ticket. The only thing people need to do is key in their license plate number into the payment machine and it will automatically calculate and show the amount they need to pay. Everything is easier and more relaxing! Moreover, the snapshots that the cameras take of each car can be used by drivers to double-check if they have paid their parking fees.
No one would have to deal with getting lost in a large parking lot anymore. The system will show the route and guide drivers to their parking positions on the map. Therefore, through IVA technology, the cameras will not only help in tracking the locations of available parking spaces, but also offer useful information to drivers about the status of a parking area.

Helping drivers find their parking spaces more quickly means less exhaust emissions and more reduction in energy. How great it is that we can make life better and the world nicer at the same time.

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