Lower cost and higher quality — Afidus H.265 solution in Vietnam residential project

Lower cost and higher quality — Afidus H.265 solution in Vietnam residential project
With the development of new technology, users are able to enjoy better solutions at lower costs. Afidus successfully completed a big residential project with its SI partner in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in 2015.

A land development company from Taiwan was responsible for all the building construction and public infrastructure in this residential area. Its aim was to build a high classic, comfortable, and more secure living environment.

In order to offer the safest living environment, the company wanted to upgrade the city surveillance system from an analog to IP solution. The biggest difficulty was cost — how to offer the best solution at a low price in order to win the tender. All the cameras would be mounted on the arms of traffic light towers, with minimum camera resolution of Full HD to recognize car license plate numbers in day and night.

Capturing the plate number of motorbikes in Vietnam is not easy due to the light on top of the license plate, which raises the difficulty of reading the numbers at night. Furthermore, the project covered the entire city center — 17.8 kilometers by 120 kilometers including a 10-lane road (six high-speed and four mixed lanes). For this, one 2-megapixel IP camera per lane was requested, for a total of 10 units. Afidus put forward a solution of high-quality cameras able to cover the large area but decrease the total amount of cameras needed.

The huge cost of storage in addition to device and installation cost was also an issue. The recording of 300 2-megapixel IP cameras for 30 days required around 370 TB of storage. In order to overcome these challenges, Afidus’s SI partner selected Afidus BH-531NB with IR housing for the project.

Afidus BH-531NB is an H.265 5M ABF Box IP camera. It offers 5-megapixel resolution (2592 x 1944) and real-time frame rate. One 5-megapixel BH-531NB could replace two 2-megapixel cameras, reducing the number of cameras needed by 50 percent. Moreover, it also saved on cost and time to install.

As for the motorbike plate number recognition issue, the BH-531NB has ABF (auto-back focus) allowing it to focus automatically when day/night mode is on, and increase focus accuracy to capture the plate number. Enhanced WDR (wide dynamic range) technology equipped with double scan ability can overcome the high contrast issue. One more important thing is 5-megapixel resolution presents more pixels for plate area to see clearer.

Last, H.265 compression technology provides a more efficient encoding method, only needing 60 percent of the bit rate consumption of H.264. This helped the clients save around 40 percent in cost on storage.

Therefore, Afidus recommended its H.265 25-channel standalone NVR, R-25A, with 256-channel CMS free bundle software. Its dual streaming capability allows the customer to get live view and playback of multiple channels at the same time. Meanwhile, with multiple monitor display support, users can build a TV wall in the security center to help security guards monitor and control all the areas easily.


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