Sabah Credit safeguarded with FingerTec

Sabah Credit safeguarded with FingerTec

Sabah Credit is a statutory body fully owned by the Sabah State Government to help contribute towards the socio-economy development of the State of Sabah. The corporation complements the Sabah State Government's efforts by providing or facilitating financial credits to promote and encourage private investment involving agriculture, light industry, development of rural and urban housing, shop houses and public utilities and amenities.

Sabah Credit is headquartered in Penampang and they also have client centers in 16 locations all around Sabah. To secure their building’s access in the headquarters, Sabah Credit specifically looked for FingerTec. AMTC System suggested them the combination of R3, R2c and Ingressus for their biometrics door access system. The use of Ingressus has its own advantages; on top of reducing the overall cost of implementation, Ingressus has full control of all security devices under one management, including CCTV, fire alarms, as well as building automation systems (BAS) for a total security solution.

With the installation of FingerTec door access solution, Sabah Credit’s employees are now using their fingerprint to enter the premises and all the audit trails are safely recorded in the Ingress software. When a system automatically records all movements of its users, the financial institution like Sabah Credit can take comfort knowing that nothing is missing from the system.

AMTC System is pleased with this installation to add to a string of successful FingerTec implementations carried out by the company. AMTC believes that apart from the product, excellent support provided to the customer is key to an established brand and reputation.

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