Ain Al-Zulal beefs up security at Oxygen gym with Face ID 2

Ain Al-Zulal beefs up security at Oxygen gym with Face ID 2
Oxygen Gym is a famous gymnasium and physical fitness center in the Middle East and in Iraq, it is located in a very prestigious area in the capital Baghdad. It has been dubbed as a popular fitness chain in the country because this gym is frequented by many famous local athletes.

To ensure the safety of members and to restrict unauthorized access, the management required devices that can control the entry of gym members into the hall, a device that uses access control facial recognition system, one that is flexible and easy to use; especially for updating the membership list, in order to manage individuals accessibility accordingly. Face ID 2 was recommended by FingerTec’s distributor in Iraq because the machine not only verifies identity using fingerprint matching but also uses a new technology that can simply scan the face of members for verification using a high resolution infrared camera and match it to the scan that was previously recorded into the system.

The system is also meant to prevent the members from entering the facility at certain hours of the day. Installation of Face ID 2 provides the gym management with the much needed audit trails of the members’ movement in and out of the club. The other use of the Face ID 2 is to provide an exclusive access for the elite athletes and members for certain part of the gymnasium, adding value to the place.

“The success of Face ID 2 deployment in Oxygen Gym has encouraged other gymnasium chains to apply the same method to control the memberships’ access to the facility”, Eng Sinan, the MD from Ain Al Zulal informed us. AIN is looking to have all their gymnasiums in the country to adopt biometrics for convenience and precise recording.

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