Brother Industries Philippines integrates Q2i with access control

Brother Industries Philippines integrates Q2i with access control
Brother Industries (Philippines) was established in March 2012 as a subsidiary of Brother Industries, to fulfill the increasing demands of the printing business. The company produces three major printer-related products, which are the cartridge for inkjet printer, tape of label printer and printer main body. Brother Industries’ factories are located at the First Philippine Industrial Park in Tanauan City, Batangas; they house more than 5000 employees.

In partnership with Fujitsu Philippines, Calvelo Engineered Systems had delivered BIPH with advanced access control system integrated with 35 units of FingerTec Q2i to provide the end users with the security system that complies with their corporate requirements. The Q2i's were installed at the turnstiles to control access to the premise efficiently.

According to Jonathan Belo from Calvelo, “For this project, we are using two different brands of biometric terminals in our factory at Brother Philippines. From our observation, FingerTec Q2i reads fingerprint incomparably faster than the other brand that we have in our factory 2. The speed is essential for our operation because we have almost 5000 employees going in and out the doors each day. With the fast reading capability of Q2i, the movement of employees on secured door is smoother than ever.”

Calvelo has been FingerTec distributor in the Philippines since 2010 and they have successfully installed biometrics solutions to various customers in different industries. Calvelo Engineered Systems is a company engaged in systems engineering work in the field of building automation & building electronic security systems since 2001. They continue to enhance their capabilities by investing in R&D, training, & experiences through exposures on the unique but evolving challenges of every project. These capabilities are focused on customers who are in need of innovations that will help them attain their objectives and improve the performance of their business’ bottom-line.

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