[Video] Hotels smarten up with IoT and big data

[Video] Hotels smarten up with IoT and big data

Over the past few years, hospitality has become a booming industry across the globe. Yet in the midst of this boom, competition has become more intense as consumers are faced with more choices. More and more hoteliers therefore turn to technology to boost operational efficiency and retain customers to stay competitive and ensure sustainable growth. This is where the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data can help.

One major benefit of IoT in hotels is it helps operators achieve greater efficiency, better staff deployment, and reduce waste in resources. Connected sensors are able to detect how many people are in a certain area, allowing operators to be notified if extra staff is needed if the area is overcrowded. Moreover, decibel-monitoring sensors are able to detect strange noises in a facility which may indicate a mechanical failure.

A few technologies that hoteliers implement to create a customized guest experience is through beacons and mobility. Beacons in the hotel can enhance user experience by sending "location-specific alerts" for a discount at a restaurant or a special event notification when the  guest's smart device appraoches the area. On the other hand, mobile check-in and pre-registering on the hotel's app allows guests to bypass the front desk and to check into various facilities besides their room - restaurants, pools or the gym. Furthermore, guests have the option to control lights, HVAC, blinds and the television with their smart device, which can also help hotels save energy.

For the cover story of a&s International’s 217th issue, we explore the benefits of IoT and big data in hotels. Read our magazine for more details!

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