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Top 10 biometric access control products of 2016

Top 10 biometric access control products of 2016
Biometrics access control systems are quickly adapted to various applications in the world. With biometric technology developing, more and more are applied in access control systems.
The fourth installment in's 2016 top 10 security products focuses on biometric access control products. Once again, the top 10 products have been chosen based on page views from

To qualify for the top 10, the products on this list all adhere to the following guidelines:
  • The main purpose of the product must be for security/access control purposes.
  • Only one product per company was chosen
Viewing distribution charts are provided for each product to show from what regions each product is being viewed. Regions included in the chart are as follows: Asia, Americas, Europe and Oceania.

Biometric technology has been around for a long time, and the advancements for the technology continues to improve as it enjoys greater acceptance with lower costs and more deployments. According to a market report from MarketsandMarkets, the biometric system market size is expected to increase from USD 10.7 billion in 2015 to $32.7 billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 16.8% between 2016 and 2022.

Fingerprint recognition is the most widely adopted technology, as it is one of the oldest, simple to install and low-cost biometric technology. Fingerprint recognition products indeed dominated the 2016 ranking, however other biometric technologies are also showing promise for their strong authentication capabilities, such as SRI International’s IOM access control tablet which uses iris recognition for identification, and Aurora’s facial recognition access control reader.

Long been associated with generously budgeted projects and securing highly sensitive areas, the advantages of biometrics in authorizing and tracking large client data bases has shifted this technology from upscale to low-end applications, such as keeping tabs on attendance and payroll records. As the use of biometrics for authentication has gained momentum as it reliably verifies identities, new solutions offer customizable features for security personnel to quickly adapt to various applications. Looking back on 2016, the companies that made the top 10 focused on designing their products for outdoor applications, such as:
  • Fermax’s fingerprint reader is manufactured in extruded aluminum and anodized with an IP43/K07 guarantee
  • Chiyu’s fingerprint controller has a IP65 weatherproof certification
  • Suprema’s fingerprint access control is packed in a rugged IP67/IK08 housing

1. MorphoSmart 1300 series USB fingerprint devices

The MorphoSmart 1300 series by Safran Identity & Security is a range of compact biometric USB devices. Using Morpho’s patented optical technology and fingerprint algorithms, the product offers a reliable, ergonomic and cost-effective solution for enrollment, identity verification and user identification. Featuring match-on-device and match-on-card functions, the USB device offers faultless protection of information and security on desktop applications.

2. Matrix Comsec multispectral fingerprint controller

The Matrix COSEC DOOR FMX is a high-performance door controller with multispectral sensor technology. It read both the surface and the subsurface of a finger, producing a more accurate image even when the finger surface features are difficult to read due to dirt, usage, age or adverse environmental conditions. Powered by a high-speed processor and live-finger detection algorithm, DOOR FMX is specifically engineered for high security applications including defence, airports, R&D labs, banks and industries such as mining, construction and heavy manufacturing for access control and time-attendance needs.

3. CEM emerald TS300f intelligent fingerprint terminal

The emerald TS300f intelligent fingerprint terminal from CEM Systems (part of Tyco Security Products) is a multifunctional touch screen access terminal with biometric verification. The fingerprint terminal provides users with biometric security, built in Voice over IP (VoIP) intercom functionality and a range of remote server-based applications, all in one device. Featuring a controller, advanced IP card reader and single biometric solution all in one, the emerald TS300f meets requirements for three stage identity authentication (card, PIN and biometric verification) using one device.

4. Pongee PFP-8032 fingerprint and proximity card access controller and time recorder

The PFP-8032 by Pongee Industries is a fingerprint reader and proximity card access controller with time recording capabilities. The device features an optical fingerprint sensor with a scratch resistant surface which can automatically analyze and update fingerprints. The data is also transferable via USB cable or TCP/IP.

5. Fermax Biokey Cityline fingerprint reader

The Biokey is the new generation biometric fingerprint control from Fermax, built to resist tough outdoor conditions, providing the same performance outside as indoors. The capacitive sensor that reads the fingerprint can operate in environments with -10 to 55 degrees Celsius ambient temperature. The outdoor panel is manufactured in extruded aluminum and anodized with an IP43/K07 guarantee. The Biokey Cityline can manage up to 4,500 users for working with one print per person and up to 2,970 users for two fingerprints per person. The reader may also be used as presence control to record staff entry and exit schedules.

6. Chiyu Biosense III-T fingerprint standalone controller

Chiyu Technology’s Biosense-T has a color screen design for both access control and time attendance management. With a touch keypad and IP65 weatherproof certification, the fingerprint controller is suitable for modern offices or outdoor environments. The Biosense III-T also features a built-in user friendly web server.

7. SRI IOM access control tablet

The IOM tablet by SRI International fuses access control readers, biometrics, keypads, intercoms, cameras and more in to one tablet. This user-friendly product features iris recognition on a flexible Android platform, enabling multifactor access control, workface management, communications and messaging. Built on a versatile, upgradeable computing platform, the tablet-based offering can replace a range of purpose-built devices.

8. Aurora FaceSentinel face recognition access control reader

Aurora’s FaceSentinel comprises a near IR sensor with ceramic LED’s linked to an ultra-small form factor PC. Users present their access control credentials and face the sensor to verify their identity. Near IR sensor technology eliminates the problems created by varying light conditions that affect video surveillance based systems, so robust performance with the same subject at different locations is ensured. FaceSentinel can be retrofitted to existing access control systems to provide a fully integrated solution.

9. Suprema BioEntry W2 fingerprint access control

The Suprema BioEntry W2 is a rugged fingerprint access control device featuring Suprema’s fingerprint algorithm coupled by quad-core CPU and live finger detection (LFD) technology. The device also provides added flexibility in sy stem design featuring multi-card support with dual-frequency RFID technology. Packed in a rugged IP67/IK08 housing with sleek metal finish, the BioEntry W2 is suitable for tough environment and outdoor installations.

10. Hundure RAC-960PEF/PMF standalone fingerprint access controller

The Hundure Technology RAC-960PEF/PMF is a standalone fingerprint access controller featuring a tamper proof detection and door tamper alarm. With a large LCD display the controller displays the time, date, company name, and shows the user’s Chinese or English name after verification. The standard model can access 950 users with two fingerprint templates per user.

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