SCATI video surveillance solution used in Milan luxury hotel

SCATI video surveillance solution used in Milan luxury hotel
Milan is the fashion city par excellence. In its hotel millions of customers are housed every year for both work and pleasure. This hotel, which has more than 130 rooms, a significant proportion of them suits, is located in one of the most iconic sites of this Italian city.

To guarantee the security of these modern facilities, it is necessary to implement a video surveillance system able to prevent any issue and, in case it happens, reduce the reaction time.

SCATI implements a video surveillance system composed by a hundred of security cameras and powerful recording platforms that could perform several tasks simultaneously: capture, recording, storage, system setup, real-time visualization and multi-client video transmission.

On one hand, the wide range of cameras SCATI EYE includes minidomes with 1.3 megapixel vandal proof, capable of offering high-quality images anytime and in all light conditions, thanks to the built-in IR illuminators; bullet and PTZ cameras with 1.3 megapixel resolution. Every camera offers versatility of its features, which allows to meet the different needs in the specific areas, such as the hotel accesses.

On the other hand, SCATI VISION recording platforms provides visibility up to 32 cameras. They consists of high-performance and multitask digital recording systems which include advanced video analytics functions such as face detection, and allows the users to search video by event and immediately report any incident.

SCATI VISION incorporates a Heartbeat able to warn SCATI WATCHER in case of anomaly and notify in real-time technical alarms (excess temperatures, hard disk, low disk space, write issues, non-controlled restart SAI, no signal cameras, etc.) SCATI VISION software is installed and preconfigured in every SCATI's recording platforms. It could be locally operated from any device with a navigator thanks to its highly intuitive user interface or from the operator station SCATI WATCHER.

The SCATI recording platforms are able to manage the rising volume in the hotel complex network. The security user is able to record in a higher quality in case of alarm or just at one pre-set time. It allows the maximum use of the storage needed and the maximum scene detail.

At the same time, thanks to the video analytics tools, the Security Department can associate external events to video across physical server ports. SCATI VISION software is able to mark the recorded video, offering advance researches from SCATI VISION or SCATI WATCHER. The result, time reductions to users and an easier process to achieve problem resolutions.

The image visualization could be done from the hotel chain headquarters and from within the hotel, bearing in mind the permissions of the different operators given by the security manager.

Thanks to SCATI's video surveillance system, the hotel has a platform able to guarantee the aesthetics of the installations and the comfort and privacy of its clients. Furthermore, the systems perfectly suits to the specific regulations for the video surveillance systems in the Italian hotels.

The implementation of extensive security measures carries discourages deterrence actions, burglaries, access to restricted areas, claims for damages concerned suffered for clients in their facilities.

In the hotel it is not only important to protect people, but also it is back in the spotlight the furniture and all the goods of these facilities. Having strict security systems in the hotel can lead to significant reductions in the risk premiums paid to insurance companies, as well as a decreased number of false claims for damages made by guests.

This way, with the setting up of SCATI's video surveillance system the hotel enhance its brand image and, in general, the hotel's chain image, with facilities in different locations all around the world.

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