SCATI video surveillance system used in Jamaican hospital

SCATI video surveillance system used in Jamaican hospital
This hospital group is an international private network that takes care every year of more than 1 million patients and that has more than 1,000 hospital beds. The group has 16 centers for medical treatment and hospitals located in Spain, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Jamaica.

These centers are equipped with the latest technological developments in the field of medicine and management. That is the reason why they need the most innovative systems to guarantee the security of patients and employees.

This hospital, located in Jamaica, is a center of international reference that needs a video management system capable of preventing the facility of any event and reducing the response time, meaning that facility is safer. The different areas in which patients and companions freely circulate compose a heterogeneous collection of scenarios, with different and specific requirements and limitations.

The solution implemented by SCATI in this hospital facility is composed by a wide range of cameras IP, high resolution and easy use from the control center. The platform includes mini dome cameras IP, 1,3 megapixel resolution, vandal proof IK10; megapixel outdoors mini dome IP, 1-,3-megapixel resolution and 20, meters IR; and other megapixel IP cameras.

Besides the SCATI EYE cameras, the security solution is composed by SCATI VISION recording platforms, and the software for remote administration, SCATI WATCHER. Concerning SCATI VISION, it is a high-performance and multitask digital video recording system, perfectly integrated with SCATI EYE cameras and other solutions of the SCATI SUITE. The result of this sum is a comprehensive video surveillance solution, perfectly designed for this kind of facilities with different areas.

On one hand, SCATI VISION is able to serve video simultaneously to multiple customers and limit transmission to the available bandwidth. Its intuitive local interface includes features such as full screen, mask, hide cameras, camera rounds, etc. SCATI VISION streamlines incident verification by notifying operators of events, showing them the related video. It means substantial time and costs saving, and speeding up the investigations.

On the other hand, SCATI WATCHER is the perfect tool for easy remote administration of the entire pool of video recorders. Its multiple functionalities permits the viewing of the hospitality areas, and other functionalities such as equipment setup, alarm management, advanced searches, map management, setting up groups of devices, etc.

The implementation of SCATI's video surveillance system in this hospital facility allows the viewing of images in real-time and recorded video, and the reception and management of events and alarms by groups and time schedules. Thanks to these powerful tools the hospital is able to guarantee the security of patients, companions and health professionals.

Hospitals are critical centers in which is fundamental having effective safety measures. They are spaces with many risks and the company has to deal with them in an integrative way. In the end, they are spaces ceaselessly ongoing, with specific requirements that the security systems has to deal with, in order to guarantee the quality of the services they offer. 

The use of this comprehensive security platform underlines the increasing awareness for security matters among the employees and the hospital users. Like in other hospital centers of the chain, the Security Department is a key one, as they can be informed of what is going on, in order to analyze the risks. This way, the people in charge of the security of the hospital avoid being uninformed, one of the worse things that could happen when crisis management.

The solution of SCATI implemented in the hospital facility combines perfectly the guarantees of security with the privacy and well-being of patients and companions, one of the foremost challenge the hospital is currently facing.

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