SCATI aids in city surveillance in Mexico

SCATI aids in city surveillance in Mexico
Security is a key element in every municipality, but particularly in a city with more than 2.6 million inhabitants, converted in an industrial and commercial reference in the country. This city has also an important cultural role in Mexico. The city has urban spaces and architectures that form an interesting cultural heritage, worldwide recognized. That is the reason why it is necessary to implement a strict security system able to guarantee the day-to-day operation and the well-being of the inhabitants. At the same time it facilitates the consolidation of the city as one of the most important industrial cities in the country.

As a result of this concern, the concerned public administration employed SCATI for the expansion of the video surveillance security network in the emergency facility. This project is possible thanks to its ability to integrate, which encourages the interoperability of all security tools.

The video surveillance solution implemented by SCATI in this urban environment is composed by 100 SCATI Eye cameras, aggregated to the 500 cameras already installed in the city. SCATI cameras features are highly versatile and designed to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding security environments of the city. It is possible thanks to its camera resolutions, high sensitivity, day/night mode, varifocal lens, PoE power and integrated infrared capabilities. With anti-vandalism format and resistant to bad weather conditions, the selected cameras are perfect to urban safety.

In addition to the cameras, the solution is composed by 30 SCATI Vision, potent video recording platforms. As an open platform, this solution gives the change to integrate the different cameras installed previously, maximizing the initial investment. 

The video surveillance solution implemented by SCATI in this urban environment is composed by 100 SCATI Eye cameras, aggregated to the 500 cameras already installed in the city. 

It also included the SCATI Watcher solution, that ensures the remote administration of the entire pool of video recorders. It is a powerful software which covers all the possible needs of a professional security operator thanks to its multiple functionalities: viewing, equipment set-up, alarm management, advanced searches, map management, setting up of groups of devices.

This Mexican municipality and, in particular, its emergency facility, has a robust management systems that may support the development of the solution. It is expected that the city will have more than 800 cameras to guarantee the complete security of the city. The scalability given by SCATI also enables the control center to have all necessary tools to perform a forensic analysis. The access to recorded and real time video favors the peaceful resolution of incidents that may occur in the city. The system opens the door to integrations with other security systems.

The video surveillance system implemented in this city offers a flexible and scalable solution, perfectly adapted to the growth of the urban environments. SCATI offers a comprehensive solution to the city from a single control center, from which the security operators monitor public roads, critical facilities, urban traffic and, also, onboard surveillance systems adapted to control any event that might take place in the city.

The cameras, perfectly designed to be used in urban environments with changing weather conditions, offer images with high resolution to clarify any incident. Furthermore the use of IP technology and the high-efficiency video coding facilitates a significant reduction of the installation costs and a better utilization of the available bandwidth.

The choice of SCATI ensures that the emergency facility has a specific solution for public safety, composed by Kraken -the professional mass recording platform - the LPR solutions fixed and on-board and video surveillance for the vehicle fleets. With the additional advantage that the city could expand the current system as needed. The versatility of SCATI's software to integrate other security management systems is an important issue in public safety environments.

Thanks to SCATI video surveillance system, the operators from the control center are able to do a remote management of the recording platforms. They are also able to assist the police patrols in those areas of the city considered high-risk.

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