SCATI PLATE solution streamlines operations for Spanish manufacturer

SCATI PLATE solution streamlines operations for Spanish manufacturer
This Spanish manufacturing plant faced the challenge to improve the logistic process of facilities through which hundreds of heavy vehicles pass each day. In response to this problem, the company has confided in SCATI, among other measures, to implement a security system that includes a license plate reading platform that enables lorry parking access management and indicates whether the license plate that is read is authorised to access the facilities or not.

The SCATI PLATE solution has been specifically designed for intelligent license plate recognition and is integrated with the SAP management system of the company to improve the logistic processes of the Spanish manufacturing plant. The SCATI PLATE solution reads the license plates automatically and matches them against a centralised database to allow access to authorised vehicles.

The SCATI license plate reading solution consists of cameras and infrared lights that guarantee reliable reading under any lighting and weather conditions. The cameras chosen for this project offer low shutter speeds to prevent movement blur, high resolution, simultaneous reading in multiple lanes and lens that are appropriate for camera resolution, distance, etc.

The specific choice in this facility has been IP, box and domo cameras that guarantee image transmission to the control centre with the quality necessary to identify the vehicles. Installed sensors allow the operators to open the heavy vehicle access barriers.

The implementation of the SCATI PLATE solution and its advances video processing software enables it to read the license plates in the parking area of the manufacturing plant in a maximum of 30 milliseconds. Thanks to its 98 percent reliability rate, the company's Security Department can read license plates from numerous countries, regardless of the type of characters, and compare them with a centralised database.

The SCATI PLATE solution is a multi-system application that merges and manages the license plates that are read from a single database and simplifies and improves the plant's logistic processes when integrated with its SAP.

In addition, license plate reading enables the company to prevent vehicles included in their blacklists from entering the industrial facility, since the system is capable of sending alarms to the control centre after detecting a license plate. In the event of an incident that requires the company to obtain recorded video, users can perform searches by date/day and license plate. Users can also access real time video if necessary.

The SCATI solution provides added value in the management of this manufacturing plant since the supervision of plant logistics using cameras and the license plate reading system improves company performance and operations.
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