SCATI provides security for container terminal in Egypt

SCATI provides security for container terminal in Egypt
In one of the oldest ports in the world, located in Egypt, more than half of Egypt's foreign trade is handled, making it one of the most important ports in the country. The port itself is made up of a total of 20 terminals dedicated to passengers, livestock or coal, as well as a specialised terminal through which millions of containers move.

In this space, through which thousands of people and goods pass every day, it is essential to have tools that guarantee worker security and prevent unknown losses. Every year, this strategic port handles millions of dollars worth of goods destined to major European and Asian cities.

The purpose of the SCATI video surveillance system implemented in the container terminal of this Port is to cover the lack of security in the most contentious areas. A wide variety of cameras were installed,capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and guaranteeing recording quality under any circumstance. IP box cameras with a resolution of 3 megapixels, wide dynamic range and auto back focus undoubtedly provide incomparable image quality. The cameras also have embedded intelligence with filters for features such as facial detection, intrusion or abandoned objects. They are installed in IP66 vandal-proof housings that guarantee proper operation despite high relative humidity and temperatures. In turn, PTZ dome cameras have been installed, with a resolution of 2 megapixels and especially designed to offer high quality recordings both during the day and at night.

The SCATI VISION and SCATI WATCHER solutions allow recording and reproduction, respectively. The SCATI VISION tool, which is completely integrated with the SCATI EYE cameras and the powerful applications in the SCATI control centre, is a complete video surveillance solution for a security project of these dimensions. Thanks to their preconfigured software, these devices offer a wide range of options for achieving maximum performance from the video surveillance system, while also efficiently managing storage and bandwidth.

The purpose of the SCATI video surveillance system implemented in the container terminal of this Port is to cover the lack of security in the most contentious areas

On the other hand, the SCATI WATCHER solution, powerful software used for remote and easy management of the fleet of recorders, covers all the needs of a professional security operator, thanks to its wide variety of functions, which can be accessed easily through a user-friendly interface. This is the ideal tool for forensic searches, equipped with advanced intelligent video filters by events from the cameras or from the recorder, digital input activation or third party alarm reception, search by schedule, map association, etc.

SCATI WATCHER also has functions for preventive maintenance of recording platforms. The solution allows real time monitoring of camera matrices from the control centre with video pop-up windows associated with alarms. In addition, users can respond to incidents quickly by using joystick control of the PTZ, the graphic interface controls, digital zoom and other features.

Thanks to the advanced SCATI security solution for these types of logistics areas, the client can have at their disposal a comprehensive control system for infrastructures, merchandise, vehicle fleets and personnel, thereby guaranteeing service quality.

The video surveillance platform provides the container terminal with a system that acts as a powerful crime deterrent; should any incident occur, it facilitates instant search options. SCATI places a comprehensive facility and asset security system at the disposal of the client once again, while facilitating management of unknown losses and solutions to incidents by control and visual monitoring of logistic processes.

SCATI systems can be used to manage scattered plants from a single control centre, thereby optimising processes and improving client satisfaction by incident resolution.

The SCATI solution offers added value in container terminal management, since video camera surveillance of industrial processes improves their performance. Viewing and monitoring technology can be used for immediate or forensic identification of system defects or faults and therefore reduce their cost. On-site production process traceability can be enhanced by remote management or supervision from any other location to provide the terminal with a differential value as well as a guarantee in the foreign trade process.

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