EVVA Xesar and 3KSplus reach for the sky

EVVA Xesar and 3KSplus reach for the sky

The Gemeindealpe in Mitterbach am Erlaufsee is home to one of the most modern mountain cabins in Europe. The small and cosy recreational area offers everything sports afi cionados need in summer and winter.

At the top of the quite challenging ski resort with the steepest pistes in Lower Austria towers one of the most modern mountain stations at a height of 1,600 metres above sea level: the Terzerhaus. It was only completed in 2014. All door situations of the Mitterbach mountain railway have been equipped with EVVA Xesar and 3KSplus. The project was managed by the experienced EVVA Partner Jürgen Hirsch from Amstetten.

The view is well worth the visit. This true gem for summer and winter sports is located a mere 130 kilometres from Austria’s capital Vienna. Climb the mountain by funicular or using the new tow lift and come back down using your preferred method: use scooters in summer and skis or the chair lift in winter – anything is possible.

One of the first Xesar systems in Austria
It was one of the first times that EVVA’s individually adapted locking system was installed throughout the new development as well as modernised areas: "As one of the first Xesar projects in Austria this was a particular challenge because it was all new", Jürgen Hirsch explains the special conditions of the installation as managing director of the EVVA Partner company Hirsch from Amstetten. "We already ordered individual components directly during the training", he chuckles. As a trained and tested Certified Partner (CP) they developed the best security solution together with EVVA and Andreas Markusich, branch manager at Bergbahnen Mitterbach.

"The greatest challenge here was the high number of employees and the fluctuation. For this reason, Xesar was ideal: all key changes can be programmed in no time."

Event logging was also crucial – Andreas Markusich is always up to date with precise data on access events, leaving him in control at all times.

The combination makes the difference
The combination of mechanical and electronic locking systems for the mountain railways resulted from the different requirements of the many external doors, for example to maintain the funicular. "Around 250 3KSplus cylinders have been installed here", Markusich says. "You can hardly believe where they all hide", he laughs. The greatest advantage here is its flawless operation even in extreme weather conditions. Brand-new combined keys ensure optimum use – they open the extremely durable 3KSplus cylinders in addition to all doors secured with Xesar.

3KSplus – a reversible key for the toughest conditions
3KSplus (3-curve system) is characterised by the unique and patented, functional principle free from springs. Unlike conventional locking systems, 3KSplus features locking sliders in cylinders that move along the curve key cuts and are not pushed against a spring force. Andreas Markusich, who has been responsible at Bergbahnen Mitterbach for ten years now, is very happy with the selected locking system and the service provided by Jürgen Hirsch. Security and administration of the system have worked perfectly from the outset", Markusich is happy to announce.

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