Suprema, ENTERTECH SYSTEMS announces strategic partnership with ProdataKey

Suprema, ENTERTECH SYSTEMS announces strategic partnership with ProdataKey

ENTERTECH SYSTEMS, the official operating partner for Suprema in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Puerto Rico, has just announced a strategic partnership with ProdataKey, a wireless smart access control products innovator. ProdataKey will offer Suprema biometric products to their integration partners and through their network of national and international distribution channels.

ENTERTECH SYSTEMS' BioConnect application will be integrated with ProdataKey's smartaccessTM platform to seamlessly sync users between the access control panel and the biometric template. Now businesses will no longer have to manage user records in two different systems; one simple enrollment window lets them search for a user/badge and easily add biometric templates.

“ProdataKey's IP based smartaccess platform is the perfect complement to Suprema's ultra-secure biometric identity product line,” said Evan Tree, CEO of ProdataKey. “Combining our technology with Suprema biometric products and the BioConnect application means we can offer a fully integrated, end-to-end solution with unparalleled security, while enhancing ease of use and reducing cost of ownership with our long-range, mesh wireless access control platform.”

The Suprema line of biometric devices, which includes fingerprint detection, card and PIN readers as well as ENTERTECH SYSTEMS' BioConnect application, will be sold and supported through ProdataKey's authorized partner network. Applicable Suprema readers include BioStation T2, BioStation, BioEntry Plus, BioEntry W, BioLite Net and BioMini.

“Partnering with ProdataKey is a strategic step for us,” said Rob Douglas, CEO of ENTERTECH SYSTEMS. “ProdataKey is the only company offering a long-range mesh wireless network of IP devices that can control up to 1,000 doors and we believe their integration of BioConnect and Suprema biometric devices takes ENTERTECH SYSTEMS further into the growing wireless market.”

As the first truly wireless commercial access control platform on the market, ProdataKey uses a self-healing wireless mesh platform and an open architecture that will accept any standard Wiegand input and requires no dedicated PC. Easily expandable without any licensing fees, the ProdataKey wireless access control system is the most cost-effective solution on the market today.

“Fundamentally, both companies have like-minded missions – to overcome the major obstacles to mainstream adoption of security and biometric technologies,” said Douglas. “Smartaccess provides substantial savings to both end user and integrator, and allows them to scale a system to cover virtually any size of structure or campus of structures, along with outbuildings and gates. And they can do it all without installing long cable runs or digging trenches.”

ENTERTECH SYSTEMS' biometrics for IP access control systems and workforce management solutions are purpose-built to overcome the three main obstacles to mainstream adoption: cost, complexity and on-boarding users. The company's highly responsive, results-driven technical services team works with the certified partner network to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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