Ievo Biometrics Installed at UK School

Ievo Biometrics Installed at UK School

Spider Technologies have been at the forefront of another Ievo biometric installation – This time biometrics in schools. The project began in July 2011 at a school in North Wales, and required six readers for the site. The biometric units are fitted both internally and externally and also secure the sites main entry points. Almost 1,500 pupils are registered as well as teaching and domestic staff.

The school previously used cards as their security system, but found they were too expensive to replace, because the pupils had a habit of losing them. Therefore, the Ievo biometric readers were perfect for the job, because fingerprints cannot be lost or stolen, plus can be used both inside and outside. A major advantage of the Ievo fingerprint recognition system was the interface with Paxton which allowed the school to set access levels between the pupils and staff.

Steve Jones, MD of Spider Technologies commented that, “The robust fingerprint biometric system looks great and the installation went smoothly. The Ievo system has been installed for 6 months and is still working perfectly since the day we installed it. My Ievo account manager came to visit a couple of times on site, to ensure that the installation was going as well as it should be. Having that extra support from the manufacturer is great!”

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