Take a Pulse on International Market Dynamics

Take a Pulse on International Market Dynamics

Almost halfway into 2011, a&s surveys and gathers regional market updates for your reference, with specific focus on the analog-to-IP transition and HD development in the real world.

Global markets have enjoyed a rather fruitful year from 2010 to 2011, and growth opportunities and potential for 2012 look very promising. Although some regions see slower growth than others, the effects of the 2008/2009 recession have worn off for many.

In North America, growth has been steadily returning, although no sharp increase in revenue or sales volume is witnessed. "Government spending in the U.S. is still tight due to the weak economy, although the market continues to grow at a steady pace," said Peter Simmons, Marketing Director for Seon Design. "In particular, biometrics sees a growth in demand for US schools."

On the Western European front, the Italian security market continues to expand after the recession, although a

Robert Hufton, Applications Engineering of Video Networks, Teleste
concern over civilian privacy is creating mixed feelings toward implementing security systems. "Privacy is highly regarded by the Italian general public," said Roberto Terranova, Sales Director of Securitaly. "For this reason, we're not seeing as much activity in the market as anticipated."

In the U.K., residual effects of the recession linger. "Many projects are on hold, and IP uptake is slow," said Robert Hufton, Applications Engineering of Video Networks, Teleste. "Some verticals such as railways are going to do well, especially in France, the U.K. and Algeria."

In Oceania, the current instability and power struggle in the Australian government, along with the reconstruction in the south, mean that the US$36-billion, fiber-to-the-home initiative might get scrapped, said Wayne Palmer, MD of Australian Security Supplies. Despite these, solution providers are optimistic about and eager to expand the market even further. "The market is bound with opportunities, giving us a steady two- to four-time growth each year," said Michael Mackowiak of Aucom Surveillance Systems. The country's tight regulations on installers for certificate and license renewals contribute to a highly competitive environment that upholds the "survival of the fittest" principle.
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