Refines Products with State-of-the-Art Network Cameras and HD DVR

Dahua experienced tremendous growth, reflected in its strong sales. In the latest Security 50 survey ranking conducted in 2010 by A&S, it placed 15th, with 2009 sales revenue of US$123.2 million. With 32.3 percent growth, Dahua leaped forward from 19th place in the 2009 ranking. A&S International China Best Buys talks to VP Michael Chen and his team to explore more of the company's strategies for the upcoming year.

Dahua is well-known as a back-end manufacturer of solutions, such as DVRs, NVRs and PC-based compression cards. Last year, the company impressed the industry with a full series of storage devices, which proved to be the right step for product planning and resulted in strong performance. In 2011, the company will invest greatly in R&D and refine its front-end products.

From its 2010 performance, Dahua not only had great sales in its domestic Chinese market but also in overseas regions. According to Michael Chen, VP, some markets enjoyed explosive growth, with India sales up 300 percent, along with business in Turkey and the Middle East.

"Listening to customer needs and providing the right products to different markets are how we stay ahead," Chen said. "Our overseas product R&D team has been providing a prompt response to our foreign customers. Our core value is to help our partners increase their market share in their own market, by providing top-notch products, good service and support, instead of competing with them. By this model, we create a win-win strategy and share the performance with our partners." Chen expects Dahua will make inroads in challenging markets, such as West Africa and Latin America.Dahua DH-IPC-HF3300 Series

Refining Products and Staying Ahead
According to James Wang, Overseas Product Manager, a series of new products will be launched in 2011. At the DVR front, Wang indicated the company will provide D1-resolution DVRs as its main storage solution. "With our advantages, we are able to provide D1-resolution DVRs but at CIF prices," said Wang. "Furthermore, new DVRs will feature several new technologies, such as BluRay, 16-channel real-time playback as well as HDMI support."

Dahua will showcase its first DVR supporting 960 x 576 resolution (960H), Wang said. This high definition (HD) resolution is designed to compatible with analog high resolution front-end devices. The 960H high definition DVR provides a solution for analog HD cameras, enabling customers to enjoy true HD from the front-end to the back-end.

At the camera front, the company will revolutionize its product line with HD as well. "We will launch a full series of HD cameras, including analog and IP, with in-house R&D," Wang said. "3-megapixel network cameras will be added to our portfolio, featuring Sony's progressive scan Exmor CMOS sensor as well as a full series deploying Sony Effio 960H, which is capable of 700 TVL and great low Lux ability. Moreover, a full line of HDcctv products will be ready in 2011, providing full-HD 1080P, including DVR, compression cards and cameras."

Providing a total solution gives Dahua an edge in meeting different customer demands. "Of course, our channel partners will be satisfied, as we can provide them more sophisticated back-end devices as well as front-end devices," Chen said. "On the other hand, based on our ample project experience domestically, we can offer our partners a project-based solution. No matter how we provide services to our partner, we are always concerned for their satisfaction, ensuring both sides benefit from working together. We always value our partners as a priority."

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