Changing Market Dynamics Propel Korean Industry Evolution Ⅱ

Three types of analytics are offered by ImageNEXT: server, camera and board. “We've expanded our algorithms from standard engines (from university and government research institutes) to make scenariobased detection more stable and intelligent for real-life applications and customizations,” Seo said. “Training or tuning software parameters has also been made easier, to minimize the gap between customer expectations and real-world performance.”

TOM has been focusing on providing verticalized solutions and customizations for higher-end niche markets, to get slightly higher margins. “For example, we've developed our own HD codec to filter out noise and enhance overall performance in color rendition and contrast. We also added a remote support feature for an alarm-monitoring customer who would have the same GUI as its customers for easier troubleshooting and simultaneous live and search playback,” Park said. “As 70 percent of the technical support inquires we receive are due to misuse of hardware or software, having remote support and training capabilities really cuts down on our cost and sets us apart from the competition.”

The number of IP PTZ camera providers is rather limited — making training and support resource-intensive — so Cynix is considering HDcctv (probably after the second quarter), to build up a fuller spectrum of IP PTZ, megapixel/HD PTZ and HD-SDI PTZ offerings. “We are also recruiting software engineers,” Bay said.

Uncharted Territory
With IP and HD-SDI solutions ready, CamTron can provide its customers with more choices. “Furthermore, CamTron has been continually developing specialpurpose cameras like microscopic cameras, and our video analytics is almost complete for production,” Chun said.

In 2011, HDPRO will continue to strengthen both its analog and IP lines, with HD-SDI and megapixel offerings in March and April. “We see Asian and Latin American markets, such as Vietnam and Brazil, are with very high potential, and our strategy is to put our hooks in the markets, like fishing, for the mid to long term; when the markets start to move, we will be all ready with great partners and products,” Kim said.

TOM's HD DVRs were already ready for shipping in the last quarter of 2010, and the new NVRs were sent out for sampling last month. “We are confident and are projecting at least 10 percent of growth this year, targeting niche verticals such as museums and banking,” Park said.

Hitron anticipates that 15 percent of its revenue in 2011 will come from the IP line where it will have at least 50 new products, as network capability has become the de facto standard in new buildings and projects. “We will also have a full lineup of 700 TVLs and offer a free, fully functional NVR software license for 64 channels,” Jung said.


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