Allied Telesis Takes the Wave of Growing IP Surveillance Market in the Middle East

Allied Telesis, a provider of secure IP/ Ethernet switching solutions and of multiservice networks, which allow the transmission of voice, video and data over a single physical infrastructure, revealed its plans to leverage the growing IP video surveillance market in the Middle East. The move complements a recent Frost and Sullivan report estimating the Middle East IP video surveillance market to be worth US$ 200 million. With strong growth in the industry expected to continue until 2013, Allied Telesis is taking advantage of the opportunity to increase security through the use of networking solutions for IP video surveillance applications, targeted at both enterprise and government customers.

According to the Frost and Sullivan report, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have been identified as the three major markets where mostly analog video surveillance equipment has been deployed over the last few years. The region's increasing number of infrastructure projects combined with the advent of new digital technologies and the introduction of government regulations and guidelines in safety and security have become major drivers in the sale of IP video surveillance equipment. In the UAE alone, the government and hotel sectors have been identified as sectors that have spent on IP video surveillance equipment in the last few years. In fact, the government sector has spent millions in upgrading security surveillance systems to complement the number of priority infrastructure projects like the Al Maktoum Airport, the Dubai Metro and the Abu Dhabi Metro project.

“The growth potential in the Middle East IP video surveillance equipment market, which can be partially attributed to the vast number of green-field projects, makes the region a key market for us, especially with market trends indicating that video surveillance as a service will take the spotlight within the coming years,” said Christian Schwaiger, VP of Vertical Markets. “Amidst the rising demand, our goal is to provide applications with advanced capabilities that also offer advantages of instant access to images stored and retrieved on computers. In this pursuit, we are working to establish and maintain strong business relationships with security consultants and local system integrators to fully leverage the Middle East market.”

“The IP video surveillance market continues to grow in the Middle East region as it is driven by key factors like the continuous flow of infrastructure development projects combined with the rise in terrorist threats. Video surveillance has provided a great deterrent to malicious behavior and a tool in solving the mystery of past misdemeanors. Given its efficiency and effectiveness, the video surveillance industry can expect further advancements in terms of technologies, and our focus is to be at the forefront of this market resurgence. Another key driver in the region's IP video surveillance growth is the presence of IT security consultants and integrators who have been identified as generally more tech-savvy than their European and U.S. counterparts,” said Christian Schwaiger, VP of Vertical Markets.

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