Zetes Voice Recognition Streamlines Dutch Flower Auctions

* Reduces error risk and saves costs in the flower auction distribution process
* Solution adapted to specific requirements of the auction
* Project will be one of the biggest voice picking implementations in the Netherlands

Zetes, a European provider of automatic identification solutions and services for goods and people, was selected by FloraHolland as voice system supplier. Zetes' voice solution was adapted to meet the specific requirements of the distribution processes in Naaldwijk and Bleiswijk. For sales of flowers and plants at an auction, the orders must be processed in a very short time.

FloraHolland chose Zetes after a thorough selection process and a practical trial of several weeks. The Dutch cooperative is the largest flower auction organization, with six branches in the Netherlands, and this project will be one of the biggest voice implementations in the country.

In order to boost efficiency even further and to minimize the error risk, FloraHolland is optimizing its logistical processes. They will do so by, among other things, picking orders using voice recognition technology instead of instructions on paper. FloraHolland's distribution process differs strongly from order picking in large warehouses, since the entire purchasing procedure takes place during the selling time on the auction clock, and so is very concentrated in terms of the short time span. Accordingly, Zetes has set up the voice recognition solution for the auction in co-operation with FloraHolland.

The solution makes use of voice computers, VoiceClient and VoiceConsole. “Our trial demonstrated that voice is both more efficient and safer. With the solution, the aim is to reduce errors in the picking and so save costs in the distribution process,” said Frank Mast, Logistics Manager at FloraHolland, Bleiswijk. “Also, Zetes and FloraHolland are well suited, since both companies place great importance on quality. From the first contact at the ICT & Logistics exhibition, we have had a good business relationship, in which Zetes has shown a willingness to think and act with the flexibility we need.”

“The ‘proof of concept' at FloraHolland confirms the added value and flexibility of our voice solution,” said Marcel Kars, Senior VP Central Europe at Zetes. “It is nice to see how it works within FloraHolland's distribution environment. Within the horticultural sector, FloraHolland is a real innovator in the optimization of the logistical processes.”

Alain Wirtz, CEO of Zetes, said: “Voice-driven order picking proved its use in retail logistics long ago, and companies have achieved significant results in the area of accuracy, productivity and ergonomics. Now that voice recognition technology has matured, companies also want to enjoy its benefits beyond the distribution centers and are changing the requirements in respect of voice solutions. Customers are increasingly demanding more choice, while the number of additional options they require largely depends on their environment. This project shows that we can deploy voice recognition very flexibly and can offer an application that perfectly meets the customer's requirements.”

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