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Lyrix Security Management Software
Lyrix Security Management Software
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Product Specifications
  • Lyrix software package is the basis for an integrated security system. Its primary objective is providing effective collaboration between various subsystems, such as access control, fire and alarm monitoring, CCTV, digital video and others.

    Lyrix is a flexible, scalable, highly customizable package, which is built on open standards. Its design and implementation take advantage of many years of experience working in access control and system integration accumulated by APOLLO and its partners. Lyrix preserves and extends ideas, which were implemented in its ancestor--APACS software package, and takes them to the next level with new technology and design.

    Lyrix supports both centralized and distributed architectures and majority of modern operating systems. Featuring fault tolerant modular structure, customizable user interface, SDK for 3rd party developers, and a constantly growing list of support hardware, Lyrix represents new generation of security software.

    Currently supported hardware manufacturers include Apollo, Ademco, Esser, FCI, Pelco, Panasonic, Rokonet and others.

    Lyrix introduces new concepts of security management such as Controlled Areas, Global Antipassback, Global Access Levels, XML Data exchange with corporate software, full system automation and many others.