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VisioManTrap; Tailgating and piggyback Solution.
VisioManTrap; Tailgating and piggyback Solution.
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Product Specifications
  • VisioManTrap product is the solution to the access control tailgating and piggyback problems. It's based on strong image processing algorithms.

     The VisioMantrap product let you control access to your high security area trough the control of single access and elimination of tailgating problem.

     Equipped with multiple cameras (2, 3 or 4) and computer unit, VisioMantrap product offer an innovative way to access control. Thanks to intelligent video surveillance.

     It offers a track record of all your area access with systematic logging of every transaction with image of the person and the time of his access.

     Independent from any access control system and autonomous, VisioMantrap product assists your security team on every day to day task and make an alert in time and refuse automatically access to the no authorized persons.

     Due to multi-camera system the VisioMantrap product is easy to integrate to every topology and let you transform a corridor or a room to controlled area.

     Due to the analyses time less then a second the access frequency is very high.

     VisioManTrap is an intelligent video surveillance system. An alarm is trigger in every abnormal situation.

     Due to all innovations VisioMantrap is the most cost effective product for anti-tailgating problem.

     The VisioManTrap product was selected by Aerospace Corporation in the USA to secure these high security facilities.