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Ethernet to DI/I & AI gateway
Ethernet to DI/I & AI gateway
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Product Specifications
  • Model: IP-IO

    DIO x8 ; AI x 3


    1. Factory, Building, Home Automation

    2. Internet gateway

    3. Internet of Things (IOT)


    1. Operation voltage : DC 7V ~ 36V.

    2. Analog Interface:

    Interface : 3.3V levels compatibility.

    Resolution : 16-bits Σ-Δ A/D converters.

    Accuracy : 0.05%.

    Channel : 3-channles

    Input type : 0-20mA、4-20mA.

    Build-in digital filter function.

    Conversion time : 100ms.

    3. Digital Interface:

    7 channels DIO 3.3V input or output by user programmable.

    Digital output: 1 channel optical isolation output and cut-off frequency 50KHz.

    4. Ethernet Interface:

    Built-in 1.5KV magnetic isolation.

    Ethernet Interface : 10Base-T, 100Base-TX

    Ethernet Speed/Duplex : Auto-negotiation 10/100Mbps, Full/Half duplex

    Protocols Supported : ARP, IP, ICMP,UDP, TCP, DHCP, TFTP, HTTP.

    Network Services : TCP Server, TCP Client, Web Control.

    Auto-MDIX : Yes

    Auto-Transmit and Auto-Connect function.

    5. Build-in web server setting page for parameter by user.

    6. Support all operation system, don’t need any driver.

    7. PC configuration software

    8. PC monitoring software