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Automatic Slide Gate Operator/Opener
Automatic Slide Gate Operator/Opener
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  • The sliding gate operator has integrated the driving motor, electric controller panel and storage battery. The DC Series sliding gate operators are used to drive sliding gates for residential and industrial uses. The operators can be fitted with gear wheel or chain wheel according to your needs, and featured with powerful starting strength, capable of overwork at short time. The operator can be powered be storage battery in case of power failure. An release key allows operate gate manually. Nice appearance, relilbal quality and easy installation. Working principle and main structure The device is designed for chain link and includes: a DC motor, worm wheel, worm, tool body, control box, motor base, storage battery and limit switch. The motor rotates the worm and worm wheel, which drive the chain wheel and chain, thus the gate was driven to move. Advanced Features: 1. All in one: The operator integrated the driving motor, electric control and battery, which contains build-in storage battery, limit switch, control box and radio control. 2. The SCM are supplied to control the gate operator. 3. Intellectualized charging mode. Reserve power gives extra power for 3 days 4. For the sake, all the voltage in the operator is less voltage 5. Auto-reverse function, Gate auto stops when it hits a person or car. Tel: 86-573-88201279 Fax: 86-573-88105186 Mobile: 86-13957357034 MSN:- E-mail : Web: