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Lumidigm V-Series fingerprint modules
Lumidigm V-Series fingerprint modules
  • Supplier: HID Global
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 10/16/2013
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Product Specifications
  • Lumidigm V-Series fingerprint modules unleash an individual’s subsurface fingerprint to increase biometric performance and make your application more secure and reliable. The V-Series returns superior images on anyone, anytime, in any environment.

    Superior performance
    V-Series fingerprint modules will enhance the throughput and accuracy of any application. High-quality images are captured by Lumidigm modules even when fingerprint ridges are hard to distinguish due to genetics, age, dirt, finger placement, or environmental conditions. Lumidigm V-Series modules can easily enroll and verify ALL people! The V-Series modules greatly reduce management hassles along with end-user frustration.

    Flexible integration
    The V-Series modules are small and lightweight and easily integrated with existing systems. Multiple modes of operation and communication interfaces are available in the V-Series. Image, template or score are available as outputs. Designed for easy integration into any system, V-Series modules rise to the top with accurate, high-quality images and solve your performance problems, anytime, anywhere.

    Premium liveness detection
    Eliminate performance problems associated with conventional fingerprint sensors. V-Series modules protect against fake and spoof fingerprints by capturing fingerprint data from the surface and subsurface of the finger. Using the industry’s best liveness detection technology, we provide the most secure and accurate sensors available.

    V-Series product lines
    The V-Series currently has two product lines: the V30x (formally called Venus) and the V31x (formerly called Voyager). For more information, please download the V-Series Modules datasheet below.