Product Profile
Ernitec ERIS3000 DVR
Ernitec ERIS3000 DVR
  • Supplier: Ernitec
  • Region: Denmark
  • Updated: 02/03/2009
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Product Specifications
  • Features:
    * Plug and play installation for easy recording
    * Full triplex operation allowing viewing/video recording and playback/network access
    * Intelligent video motion detection minimizing false alarms
    * Remote access to the DVR either using remote software for up to 64 cameras or using a designated IP address from any Web browser connecting to four, eight or 16 cameras (Vista compatible)
    * Four channels (320 GB), eight channels (640 GB) or 16 channels (1 terabyte)
    * Supports N/O or N/C relay output
    * UTP, voltage and twisted pair connection via Cat 5 cable (only for ERIS3000 Advanced)