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QUAD Hardware Encoder Server
QUAD Hardware Encoder Server
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Product Specifications
  • Specifications

    Compression Hardware MPEG-4, Simple

    Profile @ L1, L2 and L3

    Video Bit rate: 2Mbps

    Audio Bit rate: 384Kbps

    Format MP3, AAC or AC3

    Video Parameters Frame Rate: 30/25 frames

    Resolution: QUAD 352x240 1*D1

    Video InputsFormat 4:BNC connector, composite


    Video Outputs 1:A/V connector, composite

    Audio Inputs 1:MIC connector

    Audio outputs 1:RCA connector

    Storage 64MB DOM

    2.5〃 IDE Hard-Disk, 40/60GB

    Record: 1GB/hour, 4CH

    Network Connection 100Mbps Ethernet

    Watchdog Timer Hardware 30 sec

    Time- code Format Hardware encodeYear/Mon/Day Hour:Min:Sec

    Motion Detection 9 regions

    RS232 Ports 2: COM1/2, DB9

    PTZ control Via COM2

    Printer Port Standard, EPP1.9

    Digital I/O 8 IN, 8 OUT (optional)Via Printer port

    Operating System Kernel Embedded Linux 2.4.20

    Management Via the PC playback console

    Network Protocol UDP, Multicast or Unicast

    Software Bundle Long-eye View System

    Power Input/Consumption 12,5VDC @23W

    LED Indicator PWR, HD, LAN

    Installation Din-Rail or Wall-Mount (optional)

    Ambient Temperature 0C ~ 60 C (standard)

    Certification FCC Class B, CE

    Key Features

     Can be installed in Desktop or DIN-Rail or Wall-Mounting ability.

     Fan-less, Low power Embedded design

     Embed Linux DVR system on DOM for reliability and stability

     MPEG4 compression for best video/audio performance

     Standard UDP streaming for easy integration

     LAN /Multicast or Intranet/Unicast for transmission efficiency

     Build-in Hardware watchdog, automatic reboot to resume Record Mode while abnormal

     NTSC/PAL real-time video/audio encoding D1 resolution at 30/25 frames

     Hardware Video/Audio CODEC engine that delivers best quality image

     Provides CCTV local display for monitor & view at remote site.

     Supports 9 motion detection areas & PTZ cameras.

     Offers 2-way Audio communication.

     Build-in 2.5〃 40GB hard- disk storage for DVR

     Optional 8 input/8 output Digital I/O module for remote sensor/alarm control.

     Optional 10 to 75o C wide range temp model for critical and outdoors environments.

     Mapped with the SL511 series hardware decoder Server.

     Designed for remote/center monitoring and visual alarm verification application.

     Simultaneously remote video surveillance via multiple site/stations

     All application software/firmware updated via the network upload/downlo

     Sanyan " Longeye " IP Surveillance Software for viewing/recording/playback included

     X86 architecture for easy application development and integration

     Flexible and scalable system design, ODM customization is available.