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  • Dahua releases new Beneficio Series NVR
    Dahua has introduced its latest network video recorder — Beneficio series NVR— offering a new range of NVR4000-series models with high C/P (cost and performance) ratio.
    Editor / Provider: Dahua | Updated: 2014 / 6 / 13
  • AMG partners Norbain to promote 360-degree cameras
    AMG Systems' PanoCam360 range carried by technology partner Norbain, expecting that its 5 Megapixel 360-degree camera will receive wide market exposure through distribution partner.
    Editor / Provider: AMG | Updated: 2014 / 6 / 10
  • Spot the fishy incidents — 11 perspectives from the industry
    Panoramic fisheye cameras have seen fast growth in the surveillance industry. With the key feature in surround view monitoring and the advantage in reduction of installation cost, they are becoming the popular adoption in security system. With a promising market ahead, differentiation of product and
    Editor / Provider: Erica Lin & Michelle Chu | Updated: 2014 / 5 / 30
  • Sony X-Series IP cam meets security challenges from bus travel
    Bus passengers and staff face growing threats to their safety and security, from abusive behavior to theft and assault. X-Series IP network cameras by Sony offer transportation operators a powerful deterrent against anti-social behavior.
    Editor / Provider: Sony | Updated: 2014 / 5 / 6
  • Network camera 2014 update(2):Higher frame rates, bandwidth and streaming video
    Regardless of features, functions, or performance, network cameras have come a long way since their debut almost two decades ago in 1996 by Axis Communications. Now, not only are these network cameras boasting a variety of fancy features such as megapixel resolution and low-light capabilities, they
    Editor / Provider: Christine Chien, a&s International | Updated: 2014 / 4 / 1
  • [Secutech 2014] a-tec subsystem presents HD video recorder
    a-tec subsystem, a Taiwan based security supplier, presents its high definition digital video recorder – HDVR 1600 at Secutech, providing users a solution to seamlessly upgrade DVR to full HD ccHDtv system.
    Editor / Provider: Jeremy Lin | Updated: 2014 / 3 / 21