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  • Ohio parents and buses keep track of kids through their palms
    Fujitsu Frontech North America has teamed up with T&W Operations, an IT and logistics solutions provider to governments and small businesses, to develop a school children tracking system. The system employs Fujitsu's contactless palm vein access control system that will be installed in school buses
    Editor / Provider: Fujitsu Frontech | Updated: 2013 / 3 / 19
  • Argentine bus terminal ups protective measures
    Flechabus is a medium and long distance domestic passenger transport company with 50 years in the market. Their most important ticket office is located in the RetiroBus Terminal in Buenos Aires. Due to the large number of people circulating inside it and the increase in crime in the area, they becam
    Editor / Provider: Axis Communications | Updated: 2013 / 2 / 28
  • French hotel chain in Lithuania upgrades security system for enhanced customer experience
    Safety and security is very much a focus for hotels, so with specific regard to its guest room security the challenge for the Ibis Kaunas Centre hotel was to find a reliable security system that would not only complement the modern aesthetics of the building and its design, but operate seamlessly an
    Editor / Provider: Salto Systems | Updated: 2013 / 1 / 16
  • IP cams ensure passenger safety at German bus terminal
    Stadtverkehr Lubeck (SL) commissioned a planning agency to develop a security solution that would integrate harmoniously and discreetly into the existing infrastructure, but would still be visible enough to discourage potential offenders. The previous analog surveillance system had finally reached t
    Editor / Provider: Basler | Updated: 2013 / 1 / 14
  • Latin America Viva la Vida
    Latin America, one of the largest emerging markets, is brimmed with opportunities. a&s explores the key market drivers and verticals on this new land of opportunity for security.
    Editor / Provider: By a&s International | Updated: 2012 / 12 / 30
  • Chinese railway bureau upgrades to IP surveillance
    Nanning Railway Bureau (NRB) needs a video surveillance system to manage security related issues in a variation of dark locations. The Police Department (PD) and the Public Security Bureau (PSB) are required to keep track of time data to be able to gather the latest information in a timely manner. I
    Editor / Provider: Axis Communications | Updated: 2012 / 12 / 7
  • Tailor mobile onboard monitoring to different fleet types
    Mobile, onboard monitoring is not a one-size-fits-all market, thanks to the various types and functions of land transport fleets. In this feature, a&s collects tailored onboard monitoring solutions for specific usage scenarios.
    Editor / Provider: a&s International | Updated: 2012 / 10 / 23
  • Million-dollar protection bestowed on Honolulu city buses
    Safety Vision, a solutions provider of mobile video and multimedia fleet automation, was recently awarded a multimillion-dollar contract to install onboard surveillance systems on 302 buses for the City and County of Honolulu. Providing fixed-route public transportation throughout the island of Oahu
    Editor / Provider: Safety Vision | Updated: 2012 / 10 / 22
  • New breakthroughs for motion and intrusion detectors
    New and core technologies for intrusion detectors and perimeter sensors, as well as their real-life applications, are explored in this feature. INTREPID MicroWave 330, a volumetric perimeter detection system for fence lines, open areas, gates, entryways, walls and rooftop applications, is Southwes
    Editor / Provider: a&s International | Updated: 2012 / 10 / 4
  • Mobotix and Pivot3 team up to monitor Anchorage bus depot
    Mobotix and Pivot3 announced the Municipality of Anchorage has deployed a comprehensive surveillance system at the Anchorage Downtown Bus Transit Center. The Anchorage Department of Public Transportation is using the Mobotix cameras and Pivot3 appliances to hasten police investigations, increase ope
    Editor / Provider: Mobotix | Updated: 2012 / 9 / 14

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