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  • Back To School
    It's that time again. While students dread the thought of history and algebra, parents and administrators are increasingly wary of the potential dangers their children face at school. Administrators have the additional burden of theft and vandalism. These problems are made more difficult with educat
    Editor / Provider: Etrovision | Updated: 2010 / 9 / 1
  • Airports Adapt with IP Surveillance Technology
    Sinceits inception, CCTV technology has been used extensively in airports. Ever increasing safety and security demands in recent years has led to airports rapidly adopting IP surveillance technology to meet these needs.
    Editor / Provider: Etrovision | Updated: 2010 / 7 / 7
  • Etrovision Network Solutions Benefit Retail
    Shoplifting, package pilferage, internal fraud such as embezzlement committed by staff, robberies, credit card fraud, and increasing situation of verbally and physically violence and threat form the common problems arising in retail trade and management. Hence, asset protection, operational improvem
    Editor / Provider: Sumitted by Etrovision Technology | Updated: 2010 / 5 / 3