Etrovision Network Solutions Benefit Retail

Loss Prevention is the Top Priority in Retail Surveillance
Shoplifting, package pilferage, internal fraud such as embezzlement committed by staff, robberies, credit card fraud, and increasing situation of verbally and physically violence and threat form the common problems arising in retail trade and management. Hence, asset protection, operational improvements and how to decrease the cost of surveillance in parking areas, loading areas, public squares, counter for PoS transaction, and main entrance enjoy the high priority as application requirements. The ultimate goal lies in enhancing the benefits and safety of both clients and employees.                    

EV8180F---the Best Solution for Retail Surveillance
Traditional analog cameras such as surveillance confront great difficulty in application for lack of technological intelligence and poor image quality such as distortion and blur. In comparison, network cameras with great advantages help solve the problem. The superior image quality, high intelligence, the changeable bandwidth, and the selectable compression format help optimize the setting and enhance the overall efficiency. Today the camera is able to recognize certain and common kinds of actions and events in daily retail trade such as length of checkout lines, customer traffic, aisle obstruction and restocking issues. Take EV8180F as example, this HDTV full HD real-time network camera supports up to eight Region-of-Interest (ROI), multiplestreaming with independent transmission, and Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) for facial detection and capture. It supports five megapixels at full frame rate, perfect for 24-hour recording and where sharper image details and real-time information are requested.

Professional Software and Other Distinguishing Features Help Construct the Completed Solution
With professional CMS software, remote accessibility and 3GPP protocol supported mobile surveillance, the advanced technology and completed solution dramatically minimize the criminal activities, decrease the loss and increase the sales and profit.

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