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It's that time again. While students dread the thought of history and algebra, parents and administrators are increasingly wary of the potential dangers their children face at school. Administrators have the additional burden of theft and vandalism. These problems are made more difficult with educational budgets being cut. With this in mind Etrovision is providing solutions helping schools improve security capabilities while reducing costs and simplifying installation and operation.

One full HD camera, like Etrovision's EV8180F Full HD (1080p 16:9) IP camera, can replace 6 D1 cameras allowing schools to reduce installation costs. This can be significant as installation costs are often much greater than the cost of the cameras. Schools can use fewer cameras to monitor large areas like recreational facilities, parking/bus areas, cafeterias, and libraries. 24hr coverage is also often a necessity, so the EV8180F comes with Day & Night functionality for monitoring school facilities at anytime.

Combining existing DVR systems into an IP surveillance solution is often difficult and expensive. With fast and easy setup, CCTV cameras can easily be transformed into network surveillance solutions using Etrovision's EV3150A Video Server. Integrating CCTV cameras with the network provides greater flexibility and minimizes cabling. The EV3150A comes with digital I/O ports (x2/x1 respectively), a PTZ port and audio in/out ports to link other systems – such as alarms, controls, sensors and speakers & microphones – with a network surveillance system. The EV3150A also comes with PoE support further simplifying cabling needs. All of this helps schools lower costs and increase the ROI from their existing DVR systems.

With many school's facing budget cuts, network and storage limitations can be an important factor in choosing an IP surveillance solution. Along with MPEG4 and MJPEG, Etrovision's cameras and video servers offer H.264 video format which minimizes network and storage needs without sacrificing image quality. Cameras with ROI (Region of Interest) using independent streams, like the EV8180F, isolate areas of interest which can also reduce bandwidth requirements.

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