Airports Adapt with IP Surveillance Technology

Airports Adapt with IP Surveillance Technology

Sinceits inception, CCTV technology has been used extensively in airports. Ever increasing safety and security demands in recent years has led to airports rapidly adopting IP surveillance technology to meet these needs.

Airport parking areas require 24/7 monitoring to capture suspicious activity such as theft and terrorism. These systems are also often integrated with parking management systems for operational purposes.

In order to cover greater area, megapixel technology allows coverage of a wider area with fewer cameras. For example, Etrovision's EV8180F megapixel IP camera can monitor the viewing area of multiple analog CCTV cameras. Moreover, the EV8180F has the ability to zoom in for viewing areas in greater detail and has 8 independent ROI (Region of Interest).

CCTV systems in airport parking facilities need to be able to handle a wide variety of weather and lighting conditions. IP cameras like Etrovision's EV6356A have the ability to withstand harsh outdoor conditions as well as operate in the day and night. Other IP cameras like Etrovision's EV6156 have low light sensors and WDR technology to maintain high quality video under a wide range of lighting conditions.

As with most other areas of airport security, airport parking facilities require archiving video for long periods of time. Not only can this put heavy demands on storage resources, but it can also affect network performance. IP cameras employing H.264 compression technology can significantly reduce the network and storage requirements. Etrovision's full line of IP cameras and encoders come integrated with H.264.

Because airports already have large investments in legacy analog CCTV technology for parking services, making the transition to IP cameras may require time. Nevertheless, existing analog CCTV cameras can be incorporated into a networked IP surveillance system using video encoders like Etrovision's EV3150A. Furthermore, video encoders like the EV3150A can extend the existing functionality of analog systems with digital I/O for functions such as alarms and two-way audio.

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