Dahua’s 2018 vision part 2: Smart competence continues to support Dahua’s globalization

Dahua’s 2018 vision part 2: Smart competence continues to support Dahua’s globalization
At this year’s CPSE, Dahua Technology announced its vision for 2018 – the company intends to become a world leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider. With its many years of experience implementing large-scale projects in China and overseas, Dahua is confident that it can provide more cutting-edge technologies and solutions for more of its overseas customers.

This year is another high growth year for Dahua’s overseas market according to the latest statistics from some of the world’s leading research groups as well as the a&s annual Security 50 ranking. Dahua is ranked the 3rd on the list of 2017 Top Security 50. It has also been listed as one of Asia’s 50 Best Big Public Companies by Forbes in 2017.

Fu Liquan, Chairman of Dahua Technology, said, “In order to promote our security and smart IoT solutions, we need to work closely with our overseas partners and even the end users. That is why Dahua will continue its localization strategy in foreign markets by setting up more subsidiaries.”

Dahua opened its first foreign subsidiary in the U.S. in 2014, and since then, the company has successfully established 35 holdings overseas.

From safe cities to smart cities

The governments, especially from emerging countries, also plan to construct their smart cities, putting security and safety as main focuses. The growth of China’s domestic market, therefore, provides a strong foundation for Dahua to grow overseas, as the Chinese government plays a major, if not the most important, role in pushing the growth of the security industry to ensure a safe and smart environment for its citizens.

China has already become the biggest single market for security. According to the recently published IHS Markit Physical Security Equipment & Services Report, the Chinese security market for physical security equipment was valued at $8.5 billion in 2016. IHS Markit forecasts that from 2016 to 2021, the world market for physical security equipment will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7 percent and become a market of total US$41.7 billion annually, and China will account for 38 percent of it.

Based on the latest announcement of the Chinese Security and Protection Industry Association (CSPIA), the government will fully support the industry to grow and become more intelligent. Smart city initiatives are driving the country to use multiple smart technologies, including video surveillance, to solve problems and gain extra benefits. In addition, with the huge amount of data generated by multiple cameras and ready-to-use AI technologies, certain leading Chinese companies, like Dahua, are expected to continue to grow further.

Significant reference projects

Fu cited Liuzhou city in China as a prime example of how Dahua’s smart video surveillance systems can be used to not only enhance the safety of citizens, but also optimize municipal management.

Liuzhou city has become a national model for intelligent city traffic management. The development and current applications of which is, according to Captain Long Haiyong, enabled by several of Dahua’s technologies, such as automatic capture, smart recognition and big data. This has promoted the informatization of police work, which plays an important role in the enhancement of Liuzhou’s traffic management capabilities.

Another notable achievement can be seen in 2016 with the G20 World Summit in Hangzhou, where Dahua provided over 20,000 sets of equipment and a security team to secure the safety of the prestigious guests. Advanced technologies used to secure the event included automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology, thermal cameras, face recognition and advanced tracking.

Also, to ensure a secure environment for the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games, Dahua provided 1,823 pieces of high-resolution IP, dome and 30x optical zoom pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras for the project.


By replicating many of its past success, Dahua is more than ready to support large-scale government projects in its overseas market. Through close collaboration with local subsidiaries and partners, Dahua is taking full advantage in promoting its solution capabilities.

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