A look ahead: the security industry in 2017 A look ahead: the security industry in 2017
Challenges in transitioning from security to IoT Latest advancements in technology have forced many traditional security companies to enter the realm of IoT and smart home segments.
Finding the balance between openness and safety for universities Managing security in higher education institutions is becoming more and more complex due to several factors. Advancements in technology and the need to maintain open and safe lea...
Deep learning and machine learning: knowing the difference Security solutions that make use of artificial intelligence, neural networks and deep learning are on the rise. Solution providers are increasingly trying to take advantage of th...
Making healthcare smarter in the age of big data For a long time, the healthcare industry drew criticism from the public due to administrative inefficiencies and lack of quality care. Today, healthcare practitioners are able to...
Vertical Solutions
Hangzhou Metro chose to deploy HID access controllers and card readers, as they met the stringent requirements set by the operator....
Asia Corner
Biometric technology company Zwipe was introduced this week to major card manufacturers and companies working in Fintech by Monica Mæland, the Norwegian Minister of Trade at a seminar organized and hosted by Zwipe’s partner in Japan, Hitachi High-Technologies. The purpose of t...
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