In Italy, smart city in infancy, yet potential can’t be ignored The smart city concept is still in its infancy stage in Italy. However, growth potential is huge, thanks to increased awareness as well as advances in technologies, such as 5G.
FBI warns about privacy security for smart home devices Smart home services might be designed to make users’ lives easier, however, they might also put their lives in danger.
Challenges in the Middle East and how to deal with them While opportunities for growth in the Middle East is undeniable, there are several challenges that need to be overcome.
What’s unique to demands in the Middle East? Several factors make the Middle East market unique. Key among them is geographical and cultural differences.
Autonomous-ready cars on the rise, yet real deployment is another story While the number of autonomous-ready vehicles may increase over the next few years, commercial deployments and sales may not keep up due to various factors.
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