Beating traffic jams with intelligent video technology Beating traffic jams with intelligent video technology
What are the challenges in the fire alarms and evacuation market? As fire safety solutions become increasingly sophisticated and their integration requires multifaceted expertise, challenges in their implementation are also prone to rise.
Beating traffic jams with intelligent video technology Across the world, many urban road networks are already saturated. This causes long delays for drivers, increasing frustration and reducing productivity.
What’s new in video conferencing solutions Video conferencing solutions have evolved from simple technologies in the past. Quality has improved significantly, while integration with other devices and systems is also possi...
Why video conferencing solutions have become mainstream In the modern office life, video conferencing has become indispensable. Benefits are manifold, including the ability to reduce travel time and cost when meeting staff or clients ...
Vertical Solutions
Sandpiper Cove, located on Florida's Gulf Coast, implemented Oracode keyless entry door locks and smart controllers to provide guests personalized convenience and give owners greater confidence and control of their unit's security. Sandpiper Cove is a large scale condominium project manager with 631 units in Destin, Florida. ...
Asia Corner
Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand are on track to develop more robust data centers, as local governments roll out favorable policies in an effort to promote digital transformation across industries. And the initiatives are being carried out through strategic partnerships with both...
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