Using video analytics and thermal imaging to enhance perimeter security Perimeter security breaches around the world are growing. As part of a comprehensive perimeter security system, video surveillance cameras armed with thermal imaging and built-in...
Frictionless biometrics wins again How do we double or triple the throughput of a biometric access control system without any compromise in security?
AI video analytics: What are some user concerns? Needless to say, artificial intelligence has become one of the major topics in security. While AI and advanced analytics do have various benefits, they also create certain issues...
What are some high-growth verticals in EMEA, APAC? Security is a growing market in EMEA and APAC as end users deal with various security issues in the region. In EMEA, some of the top verticals include government, retail and bank...
N. America: Who are the top spenders on security? For North America, government and the military have been cited as a major sector that spent heavily on security over the past year, amid security concerns and the need to protect...
Vertical Solutions
When the development is completed, over 100 Wisenet cameras manufactured by Hanwha Techwin, will enable security personnel to closely monitor the movements of people and vehicles as they enter and move around the public areas of the gated community....
Asia Corner
Singapore earned the “Smart City of 2018” title at the Smart City Expo World Congress held in Barcelona yesterday, being recognized of the city state’s initiatives and projects in urban innovation and industry transformation. The range of solutions developed include dynamic pu...
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